Get the most out of your Palo Alto Networks Next-Gen Firewall Investment

Wednesday 3rd February, 2016

Khipu Networks – a Palo Alto Networks Platinum CPSP Partner

As a long term strategic partner of Palo Alto Networks, we’ve compiled a series of offers around our PROTECT – LEARN – SUPPORT program to ensure that you are getting the most out of your perimeter security environment.


  • Use your ‘paid for’ Threat Prevention, URL Filtering, WildFire, Global Protect security subscriptions to their full potential with Khipu’s Security Audit Service Offer
  • Turning your entire infrastructure into a moving “hard to hit” target with our Vulnerability Management Services Promotion


  • Defend yourself against the rapidly changing threat landscape with 40% off our fully accredited Palo Alto Networks Training courses
  • Is your Next-Gen Firewall implemented in a way that truly protects your network? – New Advanced Threat Management course available
  • Identify your risks, educate your staff and limit your exposure to Cyber Threats – Phishing as a Service Offering


  • Need improved support? Get 6 months free of charge* on Khipu’s KARMA Pro-Active Monitoring, Alerting, Support and Managed Services
  • End of Sale PA-4000 and PA-2000 Series Upgrade Promotion

Threat Prevention, URL Filtering, WildFire, Global Protect – are you using your ‘paid for’ security subscriptions to their full potential?

Many customers have made significant investments in Palo Alto Networks annual security subscriptions however we have found that a large number do not use all of the available features to their full potential and some do not use them at all. Let the Khipu team carry out a full Security Audit Service of your next-generation firewall infrastructure so you can leverage your investment and best protect your environment from Cyber Attacks. Our audit service will provide a full health check and analysis of your setup and demonstrate how your organisation should be using the available security subscriptions to fully protect and enhance your perimeter security environment. Our offer includes a low-cost fixed price to carry out the audit you need to leverage your investment.

Vulnerability Management Services: Turning your entire infrastructure into a small, moving “hard to hit” target

Vulnerability Management is not only about strengthening your perimeter security, it provides you with a complete view of the security posture across your entire network, enabling you to prioritise your vulnerability management remediation program and gain a full insight of what is connected to your network.  The combination of the “inside-out” perspective taken by threat-oriented solutions together with the “outside-in” perspective of Vulnerability Management provides the protection you need against the more sophisticated attacks like Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). The combined approach using Palo Alto Networks and our Vulnerability Management Services strengthens your layered defence and supports your employees in coping with Phishing attacks. Our service will enable you to handle discovered software flaws, outdated or standard passwords, unwanted services, applications, or configurations in an IT security process that results in meaningful KPIs about your security posture. For a full demonstration on how we can protect your organisation “both internally and the perimeter”, please contact us.

Cost-effective accredited Palo Alto Networks Training options: > 40% off our fully accredited Palo Alto Networks Training courses

Training and knowledge transfer is imperative for the day-to-day management and protection of your perimeter security environment. We are offering all of Palo Alto Networks accredited training courses at highly discounted prices whether onsite at your offices, offsite in a training centre or “anywhere” through our online virtual service. With courses starting at £900 per delegate* – it’s time to invest into some training. *Based upon PAN-EDU-201 Firewall Installation, Configuration, and Management: Essentials I Is your Next-Generation Firewall implemented in the right way to truly protect your network? – Many deployments are not! Most customers do not use the full potential of their Next-Generation Firewall and are still vulnerable for Cyber Threats as their configuration doesn’t follow security best practices. With our experience and services, we are enabling customers to defend themselves from a rapidly changing threat landscape. How? We partner with one of very few Accredited Training Centres “ATC” in EMEA who can teach the new Advanced Threat Management course from Palo Alto Networks (known as PAN-EDU-231) because as well as knowing the theory, they also have the practical experience to teach best practices for Cyber Defence and Threat Prevention techniques. We have found many Next-Generation Firewall deployments to be poorly configured, open to vulnerabilities and not up to date with the ever changing threat landscape. If you are interested in learning more about how to truly protect your network, take advantage of our training promotions.

Identify your risks, provide awareness training and limit your exposure to Cyber Threats – Phishing as a Service Offering 

The majority of organisations follow best practices and implement a range of defensive systems including Anti-Virus, Malware Detectors, Email Gateways, NAC, Firewalls etc as well as company policies and training focussed at users warning of threats. However, the weakest point of any organisation is often their users. If you look at many of the recent successful hacking attacks, these can be explained by successful phishing, malware or drive-by attacks. These can be devastating for organisations in terms of legal liability, reduced sales, bad publicity and huge financial loss. Our “Phishing as a Service” solution helps customers minimise the risk of cyber-crime due to phishing attacks – where users are targeted to share sensitive details such as usernames, passwords, confidential information etc for malicious reasons. The most common example being a user clicking on a link from a legitimate looking email then entering confidential personal or work related information, which then exposes the network to an Cyber Attack. Our Phishing as a Service low cost promotion includes four phishing campaigns > 10000+ users, awareness training and assessment reports.

Pro-Active Monitoring, Alerting, Support and Managed Services – not getting the support you need?

When was the last time you received a phone call, email or text from your support company telling you that there is a potential issue with your next-gen firewall or that an actual major problem has occurred? Most customers say never or very rarely – this is because Khipu are the only Palo Alto Networks partner in the UK who has a dedicated pro-active monitoring and alerting service that observes the health of Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls. It automatically provides immediate identification of problems either before or as they occur, allowing quick action and resolution. Instead of reactive approach to support, KARMA will automatically identify all issues allowing a pro-active support service to your mission critical security environment. Interested in learning more including what we pro-actively monitor – please get in contact and mention our “6 month* Free of Charge offer”.

PA-4000 and PA-2000 Series Upgrade Promotion

Did you know that the PA-4000 and PA-2000 series next-generation Firewalls both went “End of Sale” on April 2014 and April 2015 respectively with official End of Life / Support deadlines? This means customers who have these systems will eventually not be able to receive upgrades or features needed to protect their environment. This is as well more demanding users and applications putting more load on these systems, they will start to lose performance and even fail. We are offering financial “trade in” incentives to migrate to the newer appliances in the form of very high discounts and subscription / support credits, making the upgrade path easier to invest. This promotion is valid from 1st December 2015 to 31st March 2016 so please get in touch with our team for a detailed cost proposal. Who is Khipu? We are a Cyber Security Solutions provider and have been working with Palo Alto Networks for over five years, we have extensive experience of designing, installing, supporting and managing their entire solution portfolio:

  • Platinum Partner – Authorised Service Centre (ASC) – 5 years
  • Certified Professional Services Provider (CPSP)
  • Highest number of accredited & experienced engineers
  • Certifications; PCNSE, ACE (“Certificate of Mastery”), ASE & PRINCE2 (Firewall project specialist)
  • Specialists; Rule migration (rules to applications), best practise cyber security design & deployment
  • 200+ customers across Education, Government, Health and Private sector

Khipu Networks is also By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen as a Network Security Provider. *Subject to Khipu’s T&C’s, please contact us for more information. 6 month FOC applies to “KARMA-Lite” service based upon 3 year pre-paid contracts.


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