KHIPU Protection against the Widest Range of DNS Attacks

Tuesday 8th December, 2015

DNS – One of the Fastest Growing Attack Vectors!

By its very nature, the Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the most common areas that attackers target – it is the most vulnerable protocol on a network and regularly exploited. DNS distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are designed to bring down DNS servers and consume network resources, thereby interfering with critical applications such as email, websites, VoIP, and cloud-based software services (SaaS). DNS now tied with http is the number one targeted service for application-layer attacks and is the number one protocol used in reflection/amplification attacks according to leading security reports. The damage is costly and Forrester Research estimates upward of £65,000 an hour as the cost resulting from a DDoS attack, not including customer defection and damage to brands. Protecting DNS is a special challenge within the Education sector because of the limitless number of different endpoints that connect to their networks especially as a result of WiFi growth. A single malware can generate up to 1000’s of DNS queries per second and with traditional DNS solutions – they have no way of protecting against such high volumes. Even with multiple perimeter security systems, they cannot protect the DNS resolvers that sit inside an organisations network therefore these malicious queries can easily take down campus internet services within minutes. As part of Khipu Networks Cyber Security Suite, our Threat Prevention and Advanced DNS Protection dedicated appliances utilise wire speed DNS traffic analysis, can automatically identify DNS attacks on resolvers and provide automated remediation actions to ensure services are NOT affected by these Cyber Attacks.

Key Features of our DNS Protection Solution

  • Protection against the widest range of attacks: Continuously monitor, detect and drop all types of DNS attacks including DNS DDoS, NXDOMAIN, and exploit attacks, and maintain DNS integrity.
  • Threat Adapt technology: Automatically update protection against new and evolving threats using the latest threat intelligence, and morph protection to reflect changes in DNS configuration – all without downtime or patching.
  • Global visibility of attacks: Stay on top of attack types and sources.
  • Tuneable traffic thresholds: Fine-tune protection parameters.
  • Enhanced processing: Leverage next-generation programmable processors to provide dedicated compute for threat mitigation.
  • Extensive family of hardened appliances: Choose the appliance that fits your network environment.
  • POC/trial: Deploy “in-line” in monitor mode to detect and monitor attacks without actually blocking, or deploy “out-of-band” using port mirroring to detect attacks.
  • Provided as an “all-in-one” solution: Designed, installed and supported by Khipu

Benefits to your Institution

  • Achieve resilient, reliable, and trustworthy DNS services by identifying and blocking DNSbased attacks.
  • Continuously protect against new and evolving DNS-related attacks as they happen and automatically morph protection with DNS configuration changes—without downtime or patching.
  • Start blocking attacks immediately
  • Protect your Institution from revenue loss and brand damage caused by network downtime.
  • See attacks across your network as they happen and take action based on detailed intelligence.
  • Tailor your DNS protection based on your business’s unique DNS traffic patterns.
  • Keep your DNS services functioning even when under attack.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact the Khipu Cyber Security Team for a Free of Charge report on how much bad, malicious traffic is hitting your DNS servers.

Take preventive action now and limit your exposure for the ever growing cyber-attacks.

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