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  • Sakkie Janse van Rensburg, Executive Director, ICTS, University of Cape Town

    The strongest and weakest layer of defense against phishing attacks are your users. It’s vital to understand your organisations risk to these cyber-attacks and be able to provide the necessary awareness training and tools to limit your exposure. Using KHIPU’s simulated phishing and awareness training service, we have been able to test our security posture and identify key areas to help protect the University from future attacks.

  • Rob Spalding, Head of Infrastructure, Anglia Ruskin University

    Using Jisc’s vulnerability assessment service enables the University to have a pro-active approach to cyber security. By having an automated solution that not only identifies vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, it reports on which systems will be affected and what actions need to be undertaken to protect them. This automated approach is vital in the defense against cyber-attacks including the recent ransomware which made headline news. The service, provided by KHIPU Networks via the Jisc VAS framework, has been an immediate success for the University, with a quick return on investment.

  • Steve Kennett, Security Director at Jisc

    New security vulnerabilities are being discovered and exploited by cybercriminals daily. For education organisations with large and diverse IT networks, it can be hard enough to simply understand their exposure to known vulnerabilities, let alone try to coordinate patching and testing against them. The Vulnerability Assessment Service is designed to relive this pressure, and prevent outbreaks like WannaCry before they happen.

  • James Holland, Head of Networks & Systems, University of Portsmouth

    We went through our procurement process, explored what’s best on the market, and scored all candidates in our evaluation process, and Khipu’s proposal, based on Palo Alto Networks came out on top. Khipu's solution offered the best value for the money and demonstrates best-of-breed. It’s clear they’re a dedicated security company, whereas some other vendors just have security in their portfolio.

  • Sean Ashford, Networks and Systems Manager, University of Winchester

    Having used the khipu's vulnerability assessment services for over a year, we’ve been able to streamline the way we deal with security vulnerability issues at the University. We can react quickly if we see that there is a critical or very widespread issue on our network that needs fixing. As a result, it’s become a central part of how we handle cybersecurity at the University.

  • Graham Jones, Managing Director, Exclusive Networks

    In depth customer, market and technical knowledge are cornerstones in the design and delivery of top grade customer security and solutions. KHIPU Networks demonstrate this perfectly and we’re all delighted that the close collaboration between KHIPU, Exclusive Networks and Palo Alto, results not only in this well-deserved recognition from Palo Alto Networks, but in safer and more secure online operations right across the UK’s public services.

Award Winning International Cyber Security Company

KHIPU Networks is a privately owned award winning international Cyber Security Company delivering a wide range of network, wireless and security solutions, technologies and services across multiple sectors. Founded in 2005, KHIPU Networks’ ethos has always been to work in partnership with customers, to understand their environments and challenges so that we can design and deploy “Best of Breed” solutions that enable them to meet their strategic goals.

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