KHIPU Networks is a privately owned award winning international Cyber Security Company delivering a wide range of network, wireless and security solutions, technologies and services across multiple sectors. Founded in 2005, KHIPU Networks’ ethos has always been to work in partnership with customers, to understand their environments and challenges so that we can design and deploy ‘Best of Breed’ solutions that enable them to meet their strategic goals.

KHIPU Networks expanded to Africa in 2012 and have an office in Mauritius and two offices in South Africa which includes a Security Operations Centre (SOC) to increase the reach and functionality of our managed services, specifically our Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) focus.

KHIPU’s main focusses as a business are:

  • To provide ‘outstanding’ commercial and technical customer services.
  • To work in partnership with our customers to understand their environments and challenges so that we provide ‘best of breed’ solutions to meet their strategic goals.
  • To have exceptional customer references, enabling our business to grow and who will provide testimonials to customers who are considering our solutions.

Our solutions and services cover
three main areas:

Next-Generation Networking
Advanced Cyber Security
Professional, Pro-Active Support and Managed Services

KARMA™ – Pro-Active Support and Managed Services

Data networks have never had the security focus they deserve. Many organisations assume that their network is secure if it is within the building and they have a firewall. As initiatives such as BYOD and cloud being mainstream strategies, the threats to data integrity and security have increased substantially.

Our pro-active support platform ‘KARMA™’ maintains and manages complex customer environments, enabling KHIPU to be a market leader in service provisioning, whether across WiFi, networking and/or cyber security environments.

Experienced and Certified

KHIPU holds the highest commercial and technical accreditations with all of our technology vendors, complemented by key ISO certifications including ISO9001 (Quality Management), ISO27001 (Information Security Management),  ISO14001 (Environmental Management) and OHSA 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety)

We provide a range of pro-active support, maintenance and managed services to meet our customer’s needs. Our Network and Security Operation Centres support complex environments across the globe including UK & Ireland, Europe, China, Thailand, Fiji and South Africa.

Whether you are considering an upgrade to certain areas of your network or a complete refresh, our services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Just ask our customers!

Modern Slavery Statement

KHIPU Networks are committed to ensuring that all staff and any workers it supplies (directly or indirectly) are not subject to behaviour or threats that may amount to modern slavery, human trafficking, forced labour, and or similar human rights abuses.

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PAIA and FOIA Manual

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) in the United Kingdom and the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) in South Africa, this manual has been produced to provide the public with the following information:

  • Records held by the company which are available without having to ask for them.
  • An understanding of how to make a formal request for information.
  • The classification of records which can be made in line with legislation.
  • To demonstrate compliance with the additional requirements of POPIA and GDPR.

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  • Flip Van Shalwyk, Head of Infrastructure, NWU

    The network security implementation has been a huge success for us. This is mainly due to the superior level of service we have received from the KHIPU team since day one. From the start, its support has been second to none – when we’ve had technical difficulties, they’ve been incredibly quick to respond. The team is extremely knowledgeable, meaning you do not get an inexperienced service guy on the other end of the phone who can only run through a flipchart of answers, but instead an engineer who is straightaway able to help. Their constant engagement and service is undoubtedly better than most companies and re-confirms our decision in working with KHIPU.

  • Sean Ashford, Head of Networks, University of Winchester

    Using KHIPU’s cyber security solutions including vulnerability assessment services helped our organisation gain its cyber essentials certification.

  • Rob Spalding, Head of Infrastructure, ARU

    Using KHIPU’s vulnerability assessment service enables the institution to have a pro-active approach to cyber security. This automated approach is vital in the defense against cyber-attacks including the recent ransomware which made headline news. The service, provided by KHIPU has been an immediate success for our organisation, with a quick return on investment.

By Appointment to
Her Majesty the Queen
Network Security Provider
KHIPU Networks Limited