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Cyber Security Specialists

Khipu Networks is an award winning Cyber Security Company delivering a wide range of network, wireless and security solutions, technologies and services across multiple sectors.

More About Khipu

The implementation of Khipu’s Pro-Active Support Service ‘KARMA’ was straightforward and it highlighted potential problems the first weekend in operation, preventing a potential service outage. We welcome anything which improves our monitoring and notification capability, and KARMA has proved its worth a number of times since, while releasing staff from day to day monitoring and housekeeping tasks.

David Willcox, Head of Networks, Birkbeck University of London

Khipu Networks assists us in our mission to allow our students and faculty’s to access many of new emerging web-based applications, but to first and foremost ensure that they and the network they are attached to remains protected. Seeing all that is actually running on our networks finally makes this possible.

Network Security Officer, University of Westminster

Using Khipu’s NAC solution will give us a true view of our network profile: what is connected, who is connected and who/what tried to connect. The solution will enable us to identify and block unauthorised devices attempting to connect to our network, allowing us to protect our mission critical ‘life dependent’ environment whilst meeting Information Governance compliance.

Phil Butcher, Head of Networks & Voice, Royal Brompton and Harefield Foundation NHS Trust

Using Khipu’s remote registration solution, the student move-in period for 2012 was our most successful in-take to date. We had over 5,500 students remotely register to our service so that upon arrival, they simply connected to our network as if they were at home, with no impact to their experience or to our helpdesk service team.

Head of Systems & Security, University of Nottingham

The network access control ‘BYOD’ implementation has been a huge success for us. This is mainly due to the superior level of service we have received from the Khipu team since day one. From the start, its support has been second to none – when we’ve had technical difficulties, they’ve been incredibly quick to respond.

Chief Director; IT, North-West University

How we work

Our main goal is to work in partnership with our customers to understand their environments and challenges so that we can provide ‘best of breed’ solutions that enable them to meet their strategic goals. Our core business is to provide secure and dynamic network solutions, providing the following;

  • Support & Maintenance Services
  • Karma
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Managed Services


  • Network Access Control
  • Bring your own device BYOD
  • Next Generation Firewalls


  • Core Network Services
  • Fixed Networking
  • Wireless Networking


  • Device / User
  • User, Content & Threat
  • Network Performance & Security
  • Professional Services
  • Project & Services Delivery Management
  • Account Management

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