How to deliver secure remote working quickly and now!

Wednesday 25th March, 2020

A secure solution with no hardware or onsite presence needed for deployment or support.

Due to the increasing concerns over the COVID-19 outbreak and recent government lock-down announcements, public and private sector organisations are implementing home working, whilst at the same time, trying to ensure that their networks continue to operate and are secure.

KHIPU’s NOC and SOC has received a huge influx of questions from customers asking us how quickly they can deploy a stable remote working environment that not only supports ‘any’ type of device, but is secure and doesn’t require hardware or onsite engineers to implement. Having hosted a number of virtual technical workshops with a variety of different types of customers, in partnership with Palo Alto Networks, the most popular methods include:

  • New Virtual VPN appliance licence:  We have a new cost-effective Virtual Next-Generation Firewall bundle licence that can scale from small to very large remote access environments. These do not require hardware (virtual environment is required) or any onsite engineers to install, everything is provided remotely including licences, configuration and support.
  • Free 90-day GlobalProtect VPN subscription: For existing Palo Alto Networks customers – the entire next generation firewall range support always-on, secure access with GlobalProtect. We’re offering a free 90-day GlobalProtect subscription trial for secure mobile access, all that is required is a licence request (as per the form below) and professional services time (if required). Note: *Customers will need to check their next generation firewall hardware VPN session capacity.

There are still options available for hardware and Palo Alto Networks cloud Prisma Access platform should the above not be feasible for specific environments.

A Complete Solution for Cyber Security with Remote Working

These solutions not only provide the required remote working facilities you need, our licensed bundles offer a complete cyber security platform for the prevention and protection against threats utilising Palo Alto Networks market leading technologies including:

  • Threat Prevention – Defend your network against commodity, targeted and advanced threats
  • WildFire – Find and stop unknown attacks automatically
  • DNS Security – Automatically secure your DNS traffic
  • URL Filtering – Enable safe web access for all users

We also host regular webinars on remote working, where we explain how to make the best use out of existing investments and present quick ways to deliver a short or long term home working platform for any type of device.

If you would like to know more, including attending one of our webinars, please complete the below form and our team will contact you.

For further reading on remote access, please view the following links:

If you have any other queries on solutions for home working, please contact the KHIPU team.

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