COVID-19 Update – A message from KHIPU’s CEO

Tuesday 24th March, 2020

Dear KHIPU Customers, Suppliers and Partners

I am writing to re-affirm our commitment to you that KHIPU has a robust and effective business continuity plan to ensure ongoing support for all of our customers, suppliers and partners.

KHIPU invoked its COVID-19 policy on the 9th March with the main focus on the occupational health and safety risks posed to our staff, suppliers and customers as a result of the effects of the coronavirus to normal business operations.

Following Government advice to self-isolate and reduce unnecessary contact with 3rd parties, we have made some changes to our support processes.

We have moved to home working for all of our staff, using video conferencing and secure remote access to provide 24×7 support to our customers and ensuring the integrity of our own infrastructure. Only occasional office visits will take place for “essential” logistic tasks.

Impact to Customers

  • KHIPU engineering staff will only attend a customer site* in the event of a critical failure (i.e. causing significant disruption to the majority of the operations or where risk to life** may be affected), and if the customers own staff are unable or incapable of resolving the issue
    • *A pre-requisite of any attendance is a declaration that the site is as safe as possible and that there have been no recent reports of corona virus infection.
    • **For our hospital customers, for any service affecting issue please ensure you highlight this to the technical support team when logging a call, copying your account manager.
  • Where possible KHIPU staff will video conference and use secure remote access with the customer representatives to enable self-remediation.
  • This may mean that your staff may be asked to follow instructions to diagnose / test in order to resolve the majority of issues remotely.
  • Video / audio conferencing will be used for all meetings; Project management, service review / delivery and account management

Our COVID-19 Policy is available on our website here.

Need assistance for your home workers?

KHIPU has a variety of secure remote access solutions available to help customers move towards flexible home working. These solutions may have already been purchased by our customers so only require configuration work to enable the secure remote working features. These include:

  • Wi-Fi Remote Access Points (RAPS) from HPe Aruba
  • VPN Access via Palo Alto Networks Firewalls
  • VPN Access via Pulse Secure Gateways
  • Vehicular Wi-Fi including VPN via CradlePoint

Please contact our sales team on Freephone: 0800 4700288 or email for more information

Need Technical Support

Please call our support team on Freephone: 0800 4700388 or email

Finally, I’d like to thank you for working with KHIPU and we will endeavour to meet all existing service level agreements.

If there is anything else that you think we could help with, please let us know by telephone or email.

Best wishes

Andrew Brimson

CEO, KHIPU Networks