The Government PREVENT Strategy

Wednesday 15th June, 2016

– Supporting the Education Sector

Over the past 12 months, Khipu Networks have been working in partnership with our University and College customers who have been tasked to review the Government PREVENT strategy and explore ways to make their environments follow best practices to protect students and staff. One of the key requirements is to pro-actively control and filter web traffic content relating to Extremism. We are pleased to announce that as part of our Next-Generation Cyber Security offering, we can provide a complete solution that will help Institutions identify, block and report on Extremism websites and services promoting terrorism, racism, fascism or other extremist views discriminating people or groups of different ethnic backgrounds, religions or other beliefs. In addition to our solution, we can also dynamically categorise websites for “copyright infringement” and “insufficient content”.

Copyright infringement: Websites and services that are dedicated to illegally serving videos, movies or other media for download, explicitly infringing copyright holders.

Insufficient content: Websites and services that present test pages, no content, API access not intended for end-user display, or that require authentication without displaying any content that suggests a more specific categorization. These are all key requirements that our Education customers have to address in order to provide a flexible and secure environment to their users. For further information including our Free of Charge Security Lifecycle Report service that provides an analysis of all traffic and vulnerabilities on your network, please contact the Khipu Team.

Next-Generation Cyber Security – Protecting your organisation from Cyber Threats

The cyber security landscape is constantly changing – organisations and people are being compromised every day. These threats have to be dealt with in a number of ways by addressing all levels of the infrastructure – from the outside world, all the way to the users – what we call the “outside-in and inside-out” approach to cyber security as shown below. InsideOutside-CyberThreats

Khipu’s Next-Gen cyber security solution offering – “outside-in and inside-out” approach

Many institutions are following best practice guidelines and approaches to cyber security including the cyber essentials scheme “10 steps to Cyber-Security” and the CPNI critical security controls guidance “the 20 controls”. Our Next-Gen Cyber Security offering can help your Institution adhere to these best practice steps and controls, to provide a complete solution to ensure you are pro-actively protected from the ever-changing cyber security landscape:

  • Perimeter – Identifying and blocking day-zero attacks (malware): Using Palo Alto Networks* IDS/IPS “Threat Protection” and Threat Intelligence Cloud Service “WildFire”
  • Network / Systems – Vulnerability management: Using Greenbone’s (JISC approved*) management platform to identify and pro-actively manage vulnerabilities across your network and systems infrastructure.
  • Endpoints – Visibility and threat response: Using Bradford Networks to identify all endpoints on your wired and wifi network, and take action in the event of a cyber-attack.
  • Endpoints – Advanced Protection: Identifying and blocking day-zero attacks (malware) using Palo Alto Networks* TRAPS Advanced Endpoint Malware Protection solution.
  • User – Cyber Security Awareness Training – the first and last level of defence: Click here for more details.

*NOTE – These solutions are available via the JISC framework. If you have cyber-attack or would just like to know more, please contact the Khipu team. UK: +44 (0)345 2720900 SA: +27 (0) 213 002 247KHIPU Warrant LARGE FORMAT