Cyber Security Awareness Training


Cyber Security Awareness Training

Educate your users – they are your first and last level of defence!

Cyber threats – Phishing, malware, ransomware can go undetected for days, weeks and months. The impact can be considerable with data leakage/loss, network outages, financial loss and reputational damage.

The cyber security landscape is constantly changing – phishing and ransomware are compromising organisations and people every day. These threats have to be dealt with in a number of ways by addressing all levels of the infrastructure – from the outside world, all the way to the users – what we call our “outside-in and inside-out approach to cyber security as shown below.

InsideOutside-CyberThreatsKhipu’s outside-in and inside-out approach to cyber security

Employee education is vital in the defence against phishing & ransomware

Even with heavy investments in your security infrastructure, the weakest and most vulnerable level of defence in your organisation are your users. Many of the recent successful cyber-attacks which have crippled organisations, caused severe financial loss and damage to reputation – have been as a result of phishing.


Phishing attacks are making daily headline news – ranging from data loss/leakage where employees are sharing confidential information via malicious phishing websites to organisations crippled by malware (ransomware) due to an employee opening an email attached document. These attacks highlight the lack of cyber-security awareness of your users – a huge risk to any organisation.

Cyber Security Awareness Training – Phishing-As-A-Service

By providing user awareness training can help your organisation in the protection against cyber threats. Our Cyber Security Awareness Training service offers a complete and tailorable package for educating your users including;

  • Simulated phishing emails – Fully customisable for different requirements and scenarios.
  • Simulated phishing websites – Fully customisable to your domain, website and intranet.
  • On-Demand branded education landing pages to promote staff awareness & training.
  • Training modules with videos (customisable), interactive quizzes and tests
  • “Cyber Security 101” Classroom Training held onsite, offsite at our training centre or virtually (online), led by Cyber Security trainers for improved staff awareness, security policy compliance and employee inductions.
  • Detailed reporting showing stats/graphs after each phishing campaign, illustrating the ‘risk’ to your organisation & used to show improvements as more training takes place (ROI)
  • Security “pay as you go” services – Endpoint vulnerability assessment; “drive-by” threats, file attachment downloads & simulated ransomware attacks to highlight the weaknesses in your internal infrastructure. Simulated USB and ‘smishing’ (SMS phishing) attacks available as alternative ways to promote awareness of how an attacker can attempt to compromise your environment.

We have a number of training options available ranging from a single “Phishing” service (known as a campaign) to multiple services carried out regularly, all tailorable to meet specific customer needs. All training services are carried out and led by only experienced and trained cyber security specialists. Please download our Cyber Security Awareness Training brochure for further details on the service options available.

Why Khipu’s Cyber Security Awareness Training Service?

Khipu Networks “Phishing As A Service” is a unique offering for organisations that wish to protect their environments from the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. Our awareness training includes the following unique value-add services:

Cost Effective and Easy to Scale: A single cost regardless of how many users are “phished” instead of a “per-user” price model which can be expensive and difficult to scale.

Trainer lead: The awareness training service is carried out by only experienced and trained Cyber Security experts. The service is not an “email-only” software solution.

Unique security and training offerings including:

  • Unlimited email addresses / users
  • Customised awareness training video
  • Trainer-led by experienced Cyber Security specialists
  • Security “pay as you go” services including endpoint vulnerability assessments and simulated ransomware attacks.
  • Simulated USB and ‘smishing’ (SMS phishing) attacks
  • Flexible and tailorable services to meet specific customer requirements

Classroom Cyber Security Training Services: Courses, interactive sessions and tests available for improved staff awareness, security policy compliance and employee inductions. Courses are held either on onsite at the customer premises, offsite at Khipu’s training centre or virtually (online).

Khipu – a Complete Networking and Cyber Security Company: We can advise on an organisations entire networking and cyber security strategy as our services and products address all areas relating to cyber threats and attacks.

To found out more, please fill out the below contact form, email or call our sales team on 0345 272 0900 (UK) or +27 (0) 213 002 247 (SA).