North West University uses the HEITSA Cyber Security Framework to help address phishing attacks

Monday 7th June, 2021

HEITSA are pleased to see the uptake of the Simulated Phishing and Awareness Training service within the recently launched Nationwide Security Operations Services Framework.

In a recent education sector cyber security posture survey, the results highlighted that “Phishing and social engineering is the top concern identified by Higher Education respondents, with 72% selecting this as the top-ranked threat. Ransomware/malware and unpatched security vulnerabilities are ranked second by these universities”.

Géna Thompson, Business Analyst, North West University explains “Cyber Security is a continual focus and priority for North-West University. One of the critical areas that we believe have helped increase our protection against cyber threats is through ongoing user awareness. Training our staff and students on cyber security, spot-phishing emails, and what to do if anything looks suspicious is vital in the defense against cyber-attacks.”

The service, delivered by KHIPU Networks, has been successfully helping multiple institutions understand their exposure to phishing attacks, allowing them to implement sufficient staff training and cyber security enhancements. As a fully managed service, it provides institutions with a dedicated team of experts assigned to design and deliver simulated attack campaigns and training. All findings from the simulation are analysed and presented in a report along with ‘best practice’ recommendations which highlight any weaknesses as well as potential cyber security gaps in an institution’s infrastructure.

“Using the HEITSA framework, we have been able to purchase simulated phishing and awareness training services cost-effectively. The online training material provided is excellent and included various quizzes and games between compact and straightforward content, which was very engaging. KHIPU staff has simplified the process to give the awareness training material to staff and students. The exceptionally well organised simulated phishing campaign provided us with valuable information regarding vulnerabilities. KHIPU is highly professional, and it has been a pleasure to work with them. We strongly recommend other institutions consider the framework to help the sector invest in reducing its risk to cyber threats.” Adds Géna

HEITSA’s Nationwide Security Operations Services Framework Simulated Phishing and Awareness Training includes the following:

  • Simulated phishing campaigns
  • Awareness training services
  • Detailed reporting
  • Classroom-led “cyber security 101” training
  • Cyber security best practise reviews and workshops
  • Recommendations on improving cyber security postures using products and services available via other HEITSA Frameworks.

KHIPU Networks have been providing Simulated Phishing and Associated Awareness Service to universities across South Africa since 2012 with reference including UNISA, University of the Western Cape and Durban University of Technology.

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