Jisc selects KHIPU for its Simulated Phishing & Awareness Training Framework

Wednesday 19th May, 2021

KHIPU’s service chosen for the second time to help secure the sector

KHIPU Networks are proud to announce they have been awarded as official preferred suppliers of Jisc’s Simulated Phishing and Associated Training Services Framework. This is the second time KHIPU have been granted this place on the Jisc Framework, to help institutions understand their exposure to phishing attacks, allowing them to implement sufficient staff training and cyber security enhancements.

Dave Spence, Account Director, KHIPU Networks, says “you can ‘pick up the paper’ to find Phishing attacks making headline news daily. The additional impact of COVID-19 commercially and for staffing, has attracted a new wave of cyber criminals seeking weaknesses across all organisations. These attacks range from data loss or leakage where confidential information has been shared via malicious phishing websites to organisations crippled by ransomware due to an employee opening a document attachment on a rogue email.”

“Ransomware continues to emerge as the prime threat to the education and research sector.” says John Chapman, head of cyber defence, Jisc

In the most recent Cyber Security Posture survey, from Jisc, the results highlight that “Phishing and social engineering is the top concern identified by both HE and FE respondents, with 72% of HE institutions and 74% of FE selecting this as the top-ranked threat. Ransomware/malware and unpatched security vulnerabilities are ranked second by both HE and FE.”

“In spite of this”, says Dr Chapman. “There are positive signs that the levels of expertise, technical controls and training at universities and colleges are rising, showing that cyber security is being taking seriously by institutions. Undertaking phishing simulation and training can be a good way of raising awareness and improving security posture within institutions.”

KHIPU offers a fully managed service for Simulated Phishing and Associated Training. A dedicated expert team is assigned to design and deliver simulated attacks, exercises and training. Each individual user receives a unique training program, depending on their assessment.

“Khipu’s fully managed service is completely customisable not only to the institution, but down to the individual user level. The service is designed for organisations of any size and has helped many HE and FE institutions raise the awareness of the implications of phishing attacks, how to spot them and identify how to enhance their overall cyber security posture”.  Mark Tysom, Cyber Security Product Manager, Jisc

 All findings from the simulation are analysed and presented in a report along with ‘best practice’ recommendations which highlight weaknesses as well as any potential cyber security gaps in an institution’s infrastructure.

“It’s no secret that the education sector is a huge target for attackers and the ramification’s can be damaging as we know. KHIPU are passionate about working with Jisc to continually improve the security posture of the education and research sector, reducing the exposure to attacks. User education is vital in the defence against phishing and ransomware.” Says, Spence.

Jisc’s direct award Simulated Phishing and Associated Awareness Framework includes the following services:

  • Simulated phishing campaigns
  • Awareness training services
  • Detailed reporting
  • Classroom-led “cyber security 101” training
  • Cyber security best practise reviews and workshops
  • Recommendations on improving cyber security postures using products and services available via other Jisc Frameworks.

For further, please visit www.jisc.ac.uk/simulated-phishing-and-associated-training 

KHIPU is a specialist provider of Networks, Wi-Fi and Cyber Security solutions. We enable organisations of any size to proactively secure their mission critical environment whilst minimising disruption to user productivity. It is vital that the right solutions are implemented – not only protect against cyber attacks but to continually prevent them. This coupled with the challenges regulatory compliance brings, means identifying weaknesses in your cyber security posture are more crucial than ever. KHIPU Networks is an award winning cyber security company who delivers networks, Wi-Fi and cyber security solutions across multiple sectors. KHIPU are the only Royal Warrant holder to be awarded as a “Network Security Provider” to Her Majesty The Queen for over five years.

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