KHIPU and Palo Alto Networks Release New Cost Effective Solutions for Schools in South Africa

Thursday 10th February, 2022

Providing Visibility and Cyber Security for schools running off-site services.

Schools across South Africa are migrating to off-site service providers to assist learners with access to a digital classroom, collaboration, and communication tools. Although the benefits and cost savings are exceptional, the school’s IT managers are left with the almost impossible task of providing security, visibility, and management on the network.

KHIPU Networks in partnership with Palo Alto Networks has designed and implemented a cost-effective solution for schools whether K12 or Private, to address the below challenges:

  • No means to attach user profiles to activities due to lack of onsite user directory structure
  • Lack of ability to apply granular security policies effectively
  • Students and staff have access to unsanctioned websites and applications
  • No means to prevent data exfiltration
  • No defence against cyber-attacks (including DNS and C2C)
  • No defence against known and unknown malicious domains and other threats
  • No ability to provide security to remote users

Working with our current clients the solution has not only addressed their need for perimeter security but providing a full suite of services and cyber-security protection that previously was unobtainable in the eye of institutions.

“With the release of the new midsized NextGen firewall from Palo Alto and KHIPU’s managed services we could finally make the investment within our price range and without compromising the services we needed. The solution exceeded our expectations with the implementation of full decryption, local and remote authentication, DNS Services and in-line machine learning. KHIPU Networks team provided a personalise services with on-site training that ensure we felt support and empower throughout the implementation.” Bronwyn Kleinsmith- IT Administrator
Settlers High School