Preparing for the Cyber Impact of the Escalating Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Monday 28th February, 2022

Our strategic cyber security partner, Palo Alto Networks, is closely monitoring the rapidly evolving crisis in Ukraine. In line with warnings by multiple governments, they are diligently preparing for cyberattacks related to this crisis to spread beyond Ukraine. To that end, they continue to release new Unit 42 threat intelligence, deploy protections for our customers and themselves, and actively collaborate with us and other partners in industry and governments to share their analysis and findings based on their global threat network.

Please visit their Resource Centre frequently to get updates on the evolving threat landscape, sign up for live threat briefings, find out about the protections within Palo Alto Networks products, and get additional insights to bolster your defences.

We also suggest monitoring the Unit 42 blog for the latest research, information and threat intelligence. Protecting our customers is our highest priority, and we encourage all organisations to apply the recommended protections and security updates as soon as possible based on their unique risks and circumstances.

KHIPU and Palo Alto Networks are ready to help you at a moment’s notice. We are on standby to help protect your organisation.

Please contact the KHIPU team if you need any assistance.

UK: +44 (0)345 272 0900

SA: +27 (0)41 393 7608