Educate your users against Cyber Attacks. Take advantage of our End of Year offers.

Friday 7th October, 2022

Now is an ideal time to consider Cyber Security Awareness Services.

Phishing attacks and scams are at an all time high. These attacks are also very sophisticated, successfully reaching users without being detected and stopped by perimeter security systems.

Why now is the time?

  1. Education is at the forefront of all cybersecurity defences, well-trained users are less likely to fall for the inevitable influx of phishing attempts coming their way.
  2. Your users may have more time available while at home. Cybersecurity awareness courses are often neglected by users due to lack of time. Now could be an ideal opportunity to provide more training.
  3. Normal ‘while in the office’ security behaviour may not function as usual. As users adjust to being at home, they could be more exposed and susceptible to phishing attacks.

To help our customers reduce their risk to these attacks, especially those who have put their simulations on hold, we are running a number on awareness services including:

Online Cyber Security Awareness Programs: An extensive list of training portals, including ones that can be designed for your organisation, covering more than just phishing. Topics include how to securely handle data, how to stay compliant with GDPR and achieving proper password management. The vast majority of cyber security concerns are available on at least one of our portals. Also, the platform will identify the operating systems, web browsers and plug-ins used by your employees. If they are accessing business data at home, but are using for example unsupported systems (i.e. Windows 7), this is highlighted to you. IMPORTANT – No cost to customers who have purchased our simulated phishing service as its part of the platform.

Instructor led virtual classroom “cybersecurity 101” sessions: Live classrooms sessions covering the basics of cyber security, what to look out for and how best to protect yourself and the organisation you work for (download the course agenda). IMPORTANT – Customers who have simulations on hold, these can be transferred into classroom training sessions at no additional cost.

**NEW Service** Identification and instant remediation of suspicious or malicious emails: If an email arrives that looks like phishing, users just click on a”suspicious email” button within their client and its then sent to Proofpoint’s threat intelligence cloud. If it’s identified as malicious, the email is then removed from not only the users mailbox, its removed from the entire organisations mailboxes. Hence an automated and immediate response to phishing attacks across the entire organisation. For further details, please register below to one of our 15-minute webinars on the solution.

For further information including webinars and demonstrations of the above, please contact your account manager or the KHIPU team:

KHIPU Networks Limited

UK: +44 (0)345 272 0900

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