Platinum Sponsors for the Cyber Security Symposium Africa

Monday 10th July, 2017

Reducing your risk to global cyber threats KHIPU Networks are proud to announce our platinum sponsorship for the upcoming Cyber Security Symposium Africa, hosted by the University of Cape Town. As the global security risk increases at a rapid rate, organisations are under constant pressure to ensure that their information and assets are protected, and that the security controls they have in place can protect and prevent against cyber-attacks.

  • When: 16-19 July 2017
  • Location: Wilfred & Jules Kramer Law Building; Middle Campus; UCT
  • Please register:

KHIPU, in conjunction with our strategic partners, will be presenting the following sessions to cover key aspects of cyber-security and protection. Simplifying your Cyber Security Strategy – KHIPU Networks KHIPU’s vulnerability assessment services enable organisations to understand their risks to cyber-attacks by highlighting the critical areas where they are vulnerable and could be compromised including;

  • Users – Identify your risk to phishing attacks
  • Endpoints – Identify what is and shouldn’t be on your network
  • Application – Identify what applications your workforce are using
  • Infrastructure – Identify what your vulnerabilities are

Once the vulnerabilities are known, a best-practice approach to cyber security with recommendations for both on-going protection and future prevention can then be provided to reduce the exposure of a cyber-attack, mitigate the risk and simplify your cyber security strategy. “The strongest and weakest layer of defence against phishing attacks are your users. It’s vital to understand your organisations risk to these cyber-attacks and be able to provide the necessary awareness training and tools to limit your exposure. Using KHIPU’s simulated phishing and awareness training service, we have been able to test our security posture and identify key areas to help protect the University from future attacks.” Sakkie Janse van Rensburg, Executive Director, ICTS, University of Cape Town Preventing Zero day attacks and Malware – Palo Alto Networks Identifying and blocking day-zero attacks (malware) with our “Threat Protection Cloud” solution. Go beyond legacy approaches used to detect unknown threats, bringing together the benefits of four independent techniques for high-fidelity and evasion-resistant discovery, including:

  • Dynamic analysis: Observes files as they detonate in a custom-build evasion resistant virtual environment, enabling detection of zero-day malware and exploits using hundreds of behavioural characteristics.
  • Static analysis: Highly effective detection of malware and exploits that attempt to evade dynamic analysis, as well as instantly identifying variants of existing malware.
  • Machine learning: Extracts thousands of unique features from each file, training a predictive machine learning classifier to identify new malware and exploits not possible with static or dynamic analysis alone.
  • Bare metal analysis: Evasive threats are automatically sent to a real hardware environment for detonation, entirely removing an adversary’s ability to deploy anti-VM analysis techniques.

We are able to discover and automatically prevent unknown exploits and malware with high efficacy and near-zero false positives. DNS Security – Increased attacks against DNS services. Detect, Protect and Remediate – EfficientIP DNS security is of vital importance today, as it has become a prime target and entry point for hackers and data thieves. Within the past few years, 74% of companies faced DNS attacks and suffered irreparable damage: Loss of business (20%), application downtime (40%), intellectual property theft (24%), and more. Khipu’s DNS Security Solution offers a new layer of in-depth defence to secure your business from both external and internal DNS threats.

  • Ensure business continuity
  • Protect customer data and intellectual property against exfiltration
  • Preserve your brand reputation and customer trust
  • Reduce TCO and deliver fast ROI

About KHIPU Networks KHIPU Networks is a privately-owned award winning international Cyber Security Company delivering a wide range of network, wireless and security solutions, technologies and services across multiple sectors. Founded in 2005, KHIPU Networks ethos has always been to work in partnership with customers, to understand their environments and challenges so that we can design and deploy ‘best of breed’ solutions that enable them to meet their strategic goals. By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen – Network Security Provider Please contact us:

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