KHIPUniversity Launch Onsite Customised Infoblox Training

Sunday 12th September, 2010

Fleet, Hampshire, UK, 15th August 2010 – KHIPUniversity, the training services arm of Khipu Networks, announce the launch of their onsite tailored Infoblox knowledge transfer training services. Due to customer demand, we can now provide 1, 2 and 3 day tailored onsite sessions to provide training on the following; DNS Basics

  • How does DNS work?
  • Types of records
  • Introduction to Infoblox Host records
  • Using Dig as Debug tool
  • Different Types of Queries
  • How does name resolution work, walk the tree using Dig
  • DNS timers
  • DNS zone transfer
  • Dynamic DNS Conceptual overview
  • Views in DNS

DHCP Basics

  • How does DHCP work?
  • DHCP Conversations
  • Leases and Timers
  • Various DHCP elements, Networks, Ranges
  • DHCP Failover and its various operation modes

DNS Security

  • DNSSEC an Overview
  • Configuring Views and match clients
  • Dynamic DNS Security TSIG and GSS-TSIG
  • Microsoft Active Directory and DNS
  • Microsoft DNS Best practices and AD Integration
  • DNS Architectural best practices
  • Infoblox perspective to DNS security

Troubleshooting DNS and Best Practices

  • Troubleshooting DNS
  • Common problems with DNS
  • DNS Anycast

Introduction to Infoblox NIOS 5.1

  • Introduction to resilience and protocol delivery enhancements
  • Infoblox Grid and Disaster recovery
  • Infoblox HA- VRRP
  • Data Management in Infoblox- GUI overview
  • Using SMART Folders and extensible attributes

Introduction to IP Address Management

  • Network MAPS
  • IP Maps
  • IP space optimisation and visualisation
  • Introduction to Port-IQ
  • Auditing and record compliance- Hostname compliance and enhanced IPAM audit logging
  • DHCP Lease logging

Troubleshooting DHCP and Best Practices

  • DHCP options – Configuring Vendor Option Space and delivering encapsulated options
  • DHCP Troubleshooting – Using Packet capture on the Infoblox Grid Manager
  • Common problems with DHCP – Analyse and Debug Infoblox system logs

Introduction to MS Management

  • Microsoft DNS and DHCP Management
  • MS Management Grid architectural Issues
  • MS RPC and agentless management

Introduction to V-NIOS and Infoblox Discovery

  • VMWARE NIOS S and DHCP Management
  • Infoblox Discovery for VMWARE
  • Discovery and Virtual IP Space Management

Infoblox End Of Life Statement for pre “-A” systems. Infoblox have announced the End-of-Life (EOL) for the Infoblox IB-250, IB-550, IB-1050, IB-1550, IB-1552 and IB-2000 appliances. These have been replaced by the new “-A” series of hardware. Please click here for the full statement. For customers who have these systems, you have been sent a notification with incentives for upgrades to the new “-A” platforms.