Khipu launch it’s ‘Network Visibility Service’

Saturday 13th August, 2011

Gain Full Visibility of your entire network within days…

Khipu Networks announce the launch of their “Network Visibility Service”, an offering driven by customer demand for a low cost solution for full visibility of network connected devices. What does it provide? From a single management platform, our service will enable the organisation to gain full visibility of ‘all’ devices that are connected to their entire wireless and wired networks including;

  • All connected devices: Printers, CCTV, clients etc
  • Detailed information on each device: IP Address, Mac Address, OS version, AV/AS applications
  • Location: Switch port, access point, VLAN
  • Time of connection / disconnection
  • Switch utilisations (i.e. what’s plugged in)
  • Test ‘Network Lockdown’ functionality (prevent unauthorised / unknown devices plugging in)
  • Help plan for a Full Network Access Control roll out

What is required? Khipu will attend site and install a system, based on the Bradford NAC Director solution. Following a two day visit (*network size dependent), with no downtime of the network required, the organisation will be able to gain a full picture of every device connected to their networks. Khipu will then revisit to generate a detailed report based upon the customers requirements and if required, carry out additional work such as testing the ‘Network Lockdown’ functinality. As a low cost service, this enables organisations to understand and confirm exactly what is on their networks with very little resources required from their IT teams. It also enables them to plan for a full Network Access Control deployment having understood what can be acheieved with our solution. Click here to download the overview of the Foundation solution. Click here to download the overview 3rd Party Integration datasheet. Click here to download the overview of the Device Tracker solution.