Khipu Networks announces partnership with Netfort LANGuardian

Wednesday 24th March, 2010

Khipu Networks announces partnership with Netfort LANGuardian to provide customers an end-to-end security solution, enabling full visibility of their networks and automating remedial action to a security event or risk such as a virus outbreak” “LANGuardian provides an important virtual security barrier, monitoring a full range of standard and unique compliance issues. The integration of LANGuardian with our leading NAC product, ensures that both LANGuardian and Bradford Networks remain the leading NAC and Compliance products on the market today” stated Matt Ashman – Khipu Commercial Manager LANGuardian monitors network traffic via the monitoring port on your core switch. It can monitor traffic conforming to standard protocols such as NetFlow and sFlow. LANGuardian stores traffic data in a database, so you can view historical as well as real-time activity on your LAN.

For further information on what LANGuardian can monitor, click here.

One of the additional benefits of LANGuardian is it’s ease of integration with our leading NAC products (Bradford Networks Adaptive Network Security) range. This integration adds significant granularity to post connection compliance, therefore if a user or device breaches a data security policy (i.e. emailing credit card numbers) then LANGuardian can trigger an alert to Bradford Networks to immedietely isolate the device / user, as well as sending full device / location / user / MAC & IP Address details to the security officer. For further information regarding Netfort LANGuardian, please contact Khipu Networks on 0845 2720900