Jisc Selects Arbor & KHIPU Networks Security Solutions for Janet Network

Tuesday 12th December, 2017

Arbor Networks Inc, in partnership with KHIPU Networks, has been chosen to deliver Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection for Jisc, which operates the UK’s national research and education network, Janet.

Jisc has worked closely with Arbor and KHIPU at all stages of the design, development and delivery of this new capability.

Jisc offers its member organisations (universities, colleges and research centres), a number of security services, including the Janet Network Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT). This team of cyber security and networking experts works closely with Arbor on DDoS defence and incident response best practice and with Jisc’s 700+ members to help detect, report and investigate incidents that pose a threat to the security of customers’ information systems.

DDoS attacks are a threat facing every university and college today due to the ease with which attacks can be launched, by an individual using free tools, or via an attack service that can be had for as little as the cost of a cup of coffee. As a result, attack size, frequency and complexity are on the rise.

“A quality digital education starts with the availability of our Janet Network and related applications and services. It is as fundamental to us as electricity. That’s why we decided to be proactive about our DDoS defence and partner with Arbor Networks, the industry leader,” said Steve Kennett, Director of Security at Jisc.

DDoS Attack Landscape

To give context to the threat landscape:

  • 220,000 DDoS attacks targeted the UK through October.
  • The largest attack was 343 Gbps.
  • Top sources were US, UK, Netherlands, France

ATLAS is a collaborative project between Arbor and more than 300+ customers who have agreed to share anonymous traffic data totalling 140Tbps, approximately one-third of all internet traffic. From this unique vantage point, Arbor is ideally positioned to deliver intelligence about DDoS, malware and botnets that threaten infrastructure and network availability.

The Jisc Security Operations Centre can leverage the global threat intelligence of Arbor’s ATLAS infrastructure to stay ahead of DDoS attacks and advanced threats. The ATLAS Intelligence Feed (AIF) includes geo-location data and automates the identification of attacks against infrastructure and services from known botnets and malware while ensuring that updates for new threats are automatically delivered without software upgrades. This is a powerful combination of global threat intelligence and automation that is unrivaled today.

About Jisc

Jisc is the UK’s expert member organisation for digital technology and digital resources in higher education, further education, skills and research. Our vision is to make the UK the most digitally advanced education and research nation in the world. We play a pivotal role in the development, adoption and use of technology by UK universities and colleges, supporting them to improve learning, teaching, the student experience and institutional efficiency, as well as enabling more powerful research. At the heart of Jisc’s support is Janet – the UK’s world-class national research and education network (NREN). Owned, managed and operated by Jisc, Janet comprises a secure, state-of-the-art network infrastructure spanning all four nations of the UK.

About Arbor Networks 

Arbor Networks, the security division of NETSCOUT, is driven to protect the infrastructure and ecosystem of the internet. It is the principle upon which we were founded in 2000 and remains the common thread that runs through all that we do today. Arbor’s approach is rooted in the study of network traffic. Arbor’s suite of visibility, DDoS protection and advanced threat solutions provide customers with a micro view of their network enhanced by a macro view of global internet traffic and emerging threats through our ATLAS infrastructure. Supported by Arbor’s Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT), smart workflows and rich user context, Arbor’s network insights help customers see, understand and solve the most complex and consequential security challenges facing their organisations.

About KHIPU Networks

KHIPU Networks is an award-winning international cyber security company which delivers a wide range of network, wireless and security solutions across multiple sectors. Founded in 2005, KHIPU’s ethos has always been to work in partnership with customers, to understand their environments and challenges so that it can design and deploy best-of-breed solutions that meet strategic goals. KHIPU are single suppliers on a number of Jisc Cyber Security Public Sector Frameworks including vulnerability assessment and simulated phishing / associated awareness services. For more information: Jisc Cyber Security Frameworks Overview