FREE OF CHARGE – Vulnerability Assessment Service

Tuesday 9th January, 2018

Identify if you have any vulnerable systems with our quick scan and reporting service.

The majority of recent cyber breaches that have crippled organisations, caused financial loss and reputational damage, have been down to un-patched vulnerable systems. Most of these vulnerabilities have been “known” about for months, yet have been exploited at many organisations, highlighted by recent headline news (e.g. WannaCry).

This raises the need for Vulnerability Assessment Services (VAS) by understanding what systems could be compromised, their importance to your organisation and how to protect them.

  • Identify, Prioritise and Fix what matters most to you and has the greatest impact to your organisation
  • Infrastructure: Are you 100% confident that your mission critical Servers, LAN, WiFi, Firewalls etc are always patched and/or configured to protect against vulnerabilities?
  • Can You Fix It? With so many known and new vulnerabilities across multiple systems makes it almost impossible to manage & protect
  • Point-In-Time Protection: With no vulnerability service in place, only when the attack happens – you understand how vulnerable you are
  • Partial or No Visibility: With no vulnerability service in place, only when the attack happens – you understand how vulnerable you are

A Pro-Active Approach to Cyber Protection

With a pro-active ‘pre-attack’ approach to protection and prevention, you can automate the management and prioritisation of vulnerabilities across your entire environment. It simplifies your approach to cyber protection – just ask our customers who are using the service.

Using KHIPU’s vulnerability assessment service enables the University to have a pro-active approach to cyber security. By having an automated solution that not only identifies vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, it reports on which systems will be affected and what actions need to be undertaken to protect them. This automated approach is vital in the defense against cyber-attacks including the recent ransomware which made headline news. The service has been an immediate success for the University, with a quick return on investment.”

Rob Spalding, Infrastructure Head, Anglia Ruskin University

FREE OF CHARGE Vulnerability Scan

For a limited time only, KHIPU are offering a FREE OF CHARGE service to “any” size or type of organisation – on a ‘first time, first served’ basis. The service includes:

  • A vulnerability scan across a select number of mission critical external/internet facing hosts
  • A Vulnerability Results Dynamic Report which details any vulnerabilities identified, their severity and how to fix

We would like to then present the results to you with an overview of the solution, the different services available and their cost models.

The vulnerability assessment service is available in the cloud, and as a managed or customer-maintained on-premise solution. With many customers using the service, they are pro-actively protecting their environments from cyber-attacks and helping them gain compliance including cyber essentials certification.

So why not start 2018 with a clean slate – take advantage of this promotion and reduce your vulnerability surface by up to 99%.

Please contact the KHIPU team for further details on the service including the FREE OF CHARGE vulnerability assessment scan including example report, service options and costs, and our 15-minute introduction webinars:

  • UK: +44 (0)345 2720900
  • SA: +27 (0)41 393 7600
  • @KhipuNetworks

New security vulnerabilities are being discovered and exploited by cybercriminals daily. For education organisations with large and diverse IT networks, it can be hard enough to simply understand their exposure to known vulnerabilities, let alone try to coordinate patching and testing against them. The Vulnerability Assessment Service is designed to relive this pressure, and prevent outbreaks like WannaCry before they happen.”

Steve Kennet, Security Director at Jisc