Free of Charge Risk Analysis Assessment & Report

Thursday 1st October, 2015

Do you know who or what has access to your network?

If you are not in control then perhaps someone else is!

Cyber threats are becoming more and more evasive, and it’s getting even harder to know they are on your network until it’s too late. Many organisations are at serious risk of a breach, risking their company’s reputation as well as substantial financial loss. In partnership with Palo Alto Networks, Khipu are offering a FREE OF CHARGE Network Risk Analysis Assessment and Report of your network. If you are interested in an in-depth analysis of what your firewall is missing, understanding what applications are traversing your network including threats such as known and unknown Malware, then please get in contact and we will explain how we can provide a full report that will detail the following on your network;

  • All Applications in use and their risk factor
  • Known and Unknown Malware
  • Unknown Threats
  • URL Activity
  • File Transfer Analysis

Please click here on the following link to download an example Security Lifecycle Report that shows the information that our Free of Charge assessment will provide you with. Free of Charge Security Lifecycle Report – Please click here to register your interest for further details.