Reduce Security Risks to your Network – There is a Cure

Saturday 21st January, 2012

Risk Versus Cost

These 2 factors alone can control many IT Departments priorities when dealing with Network security. However, often “Murphy’s Law” dictates that the cost of not taking action may be considerably more than the initial outlay. Khipu Networks is an advanced systems integrator; focused on providing solutions to reduce the risk of security devices, providing visibility, control and management. The solution cannot guarantee you’ll never see a virus again, but it can ensure the impact is reduced, quickly controlled and rectified within hours (and not days), with minimal IT resources required.

Recently a large UK University campus (a non-Khipu customer) have experienced the unfortunate attack of a virus crippling their network and causing IT staff to shut it down. Staff now have to manually vet machines are safe and updated before they can connect to the network. Staff and students have been considerably disrupted for hours and some for days, services affected included the residential / campus data networks and the University VoIP network, confidence is low and the network “deemed unstable for all users for the time being”.* Perhaps even worse, it could all happen again tomorrow with another vulnerability! Khipu Networks provides cost effect solutions which provide far more benefit than purely reducing the impact of a virus attack. One of their most common solutions is an integration between Adaptive Network Security and Network Behavioural Analysis products, with over 100 Education customers who have already seen the benefit of their solutions – Can you afford not to be one of them? The Khipu Networks “Cure” is based on the latest solution from Bradford Networks Campus Manager (Adaptive Network Security) which provides the following benefits:-

  • Security and Protection of your “internal network”
  • Registration / Management of all “unmanaged” student devices
  • Endpoint Compliance (Latest patches, anti-virus, anti-spyware etc)
  • Visibility of who is online / offline / location / time / IP and MAC details
  • Visibility of ALL devices on the network, whether you want to manage them or not
  • Ability to control / isolate / remediate vulnerable devices automatically
  • Protection against rogue devices
  • Protection against “at risk” devices
  • Auditing
  • Minimal IT Resource Required

In addition, Bradford Networks Campus Manager can integrate with a range of 3rd party devices such as Lancope Stealthwatch Network Behavioral Analysis (NBA) or Tipping Point Intruder Protection Systems (IPS). This integration can provide additional security and confidence of your network:-

  • Security and Protection of your internal Network Security and Protection from WWW attacks into your network.
  • Ability to detect, react and protect from known threats
  • Ability to detect, react and protect from unknown threats
  • Ability to isolate the bad devices from the network whilst not affecting good devices
  • 24x7x365 automatic protection of your network
  • Integration with Bradford Networks, automatically isolating devices wherever they exist on the network.
  • Full auditing and logging
  • Minimal IT Resource Required

These solutions can be implemented into any network, quickly, cost effectively and provide immediate and long term protection of your network and devices. Perhaps now would be a good time to discuss what Khipu Networks can do to reduce the risks to your network even if you don’t think you have the budget or immediate requirement. You may even learn something new!