Next-Generation Security – University of Portsmouth Case Study

Sunday 13th March, 2016

Khipu Networks Helps Prestigious University Improve and Secure Internet Services

The University of Portsmouth relies heavily on its network to support its academic mission. With the constant demand for reliable and high performance internet services, coupled with the huge increase in devices connecting to WiFi, the University upgraded its Janet link to 10GB to improve network responsiveness, improve security and expand services to faculty and students. Working in partnership with Khipu Networks, the University of Portsmouth successfully deployed Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls to secure their environment from the ever growing cyber attacks.

“Following the implementation of Palo Alto Networks, we can receive 10 times more bandwidth to better support research and education, and access a wide range of additional services. The visibility, security and control that the Next-Generation Firewall delivers, enables us to provide enhanced protection of our user environment and the University’s intellectual property, and at the same time, lower IT management burdens. ”

James Holland | Network and Security Services Manager | University of Portsmouth

“University networks are challenged to deliver ever-increasing bandwidth and support for emerging services. “Performance and latency are often issues for institutions to balance against the need to maintain a high level of security. Poor service or downtime hinders research and their academic mission.”

Guy Jermany | Technical Director |  Khipu Networks

For the full case study, please download KHIPU PAN NGF Case Study – University of Portsmouth