“A watched pot never boils” – Monitoring, the key to availability and security

Sunday 21st February, 2021

Monitoring –  Key to Availability and Security

 It’s widely accepted that Security teams must adopt an ‘it’s a matter of when, not if’ approach to cyberattacks. The heat is always on in a more consistently automated world, where you are often only one vulnerability or stolen password away from a data security incident.

The ‘New Normal’ has only made security team’s jobs harder – flaring the issues.Prioritising the availability of services for remote working is fundamental, however, many organisations allow security to diminish in this pursuit. This obviously is not ideal. So how do you achieve an always available, always secure philosophy?

The key is monitoring. To recycle a phrase into new meaning – a watched pot never boils.

With a consistent, 24/7 approach to the monitoring and assessment of your services, equally important is confidentiality and integrity of the data, hosts and accounts, then, you’re already on track to stay available and stay secure. This is no mean feat – the cyber security industry has been rapidly designing tools that can consistently monitor and react when ‘the water’s just bubbling over’. These tools have enabled dedicated, efficient security operations (SOC) teams to stop events as they start, ensuring both the security and availability of the services they defend.

This approach is imbued in KHIPU’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service, which provides monitoring that meets your business requirements. The services from KHIPU ranges from continuous alerting and notifications to root cause analysis, response and mitigation and much more.

With this, your organisation can ensure the pot will never boil.

KHIPU Networks are holding regular virtual customer events, where we will be providing updates and offerings on all of the services above as well as OPEX Cyber Security, WiFi and Networking “As A Service” models.

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