Giving back is an indispensable part of KHIPU’s culture!

Wednesday 20th July, 2022

As our company has grown over the years, we’ve made it a norm to support local organizations by donating resources to the less fortunate. When we expanded to South Africa in 2012, our goal was to also have an impact within local communities.

We donated to Isaac Booi Senior Primary School, a school in Zwide Township, Port Elizabeth. We redeveloped one of the school’s classrooms and store rooms, we redecorated, cabled, changed lights, bought desks, computers and software and a safe for the computers to be stored in.

This has been an amazing transformation and has made a real difference to the pupils at the school.

Principal of the School Ludwe Memese said they were overjoyed with the donation, and thanked KHIPU Networks for providing pupils with the tools to navigate the digital era. “We’re very happy about this donation as it met our mission statement,” Memese said

In one of the many donations we have made throughout both SA and UK charities, we have recently sponsored the Major Chiefs Sports Club in the same Township, Zwide, in Port Elizabeth with new kits, footballs and equipment.

“We are proud to be sponsors and can’t wait to see how the football club grows and continues to help support the local community” Gareth Trollip, SA Country Manager at KHIPU Networks.

“I cannot express how excited we are about this donation, words fail me. KHIPU has brought so much joy to the team. We are grateful”. Khululekani Tose, KHIPU’s Network Support Engineer and TeamMember.

Giving back is a truly meaningful measure of success and is far more impactful to the community!!

We also have several charitable partners in the UK, including, Bowel Cancer UK. Recently we donated towards Gail’s G&T Channel Swim 2022, where Gail and Teresa will be attempting to swim from Dover to Calais in a two-person relay to raise money and awareness to fight Cancer.

Cancer is quite common, but awareness is yet poor among the general population. There are many more people who we all know who have been affected by this disease that is why KHIPU is in support of raising money and awareness to fight it.

Each one of these charity contributions showcases the generous nature of our employees as they always step up for those in need. One example is our very own Jade Smith – Sales and Marketing Manager, who successfully organised a fundraiser to climb the ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro for THE TROTTISCLIFFE SCHOOL ASSOCIATION to build the School’s outdoor learning resource center for the children to improve on their education and day to day life within the school.

One thing about KHIPU Networks is we love to have fun. We create activities to allow our employees to have fun while giving back to charity.

One example is when we partnered up with Macmillan Cancer Support for Coffee mornings where we host in both UK and SA offices and we ask everyone in the office to bake anything they wish, or buy something if they can’t bake and donate all the money we raise to Charity.

We created some games for everyone to partake to make it more fun. Plus, the excited buzz around the office is proof that our team really enjoys coming together to give back.

In Addition to the above, more of charity work we took part in includes;

2021 Halloween walk for Kidney Research UK – completed by 15 KHIPU employees

We have supported Flori’s Friends Rescue and sponsored stuff uniforms and work gear.

Sponsoring Henry Jones, a budding young formula one race driver in the making, with race safety kit and race fees

Jola Tkacz – Head of Professional Services set out on a challenging trek, all in the name of checking chests! Jola will be taking on 100km of Pembrokeshire’s coastline in a bid to raise funds for CoppaFeel’s life-saving mission.

We sponsored this year’s Platinum Jubilee celebration in our home town, Fleet.

Her Majesty The Queen has ruled for longer than any other Monarch in British history and has dedicated her life to duty and to her people since solemnly taking her oath at the age of 21

We don’t live in a perfect world, and there’s never going to be a perfect time to give, but there are always people out there in need of help. When we donate to charity, we understand how our donation can positively impact more people’s lives than we can ever comprehend so we do so with pleasure because…

It doesn’t take much to make a difference!!!