Eduroam News at Uni of Winchester with Bradford

Sunday 1st September, 2013

Automated Policy Management Offers Members Secure Network Access to Educational Institutions in more than 60 Countries.

Eduroam is an access service that allows students, researchers and staff at participating institutions to automatically obtain Internet connectivity when visiting participating institutions simply by turning on their laptops and/or mobile devices. Bradford Networks ‘Network Sentry’ solution significantly simplifies the setup and management of eduroam and enables IT administrators to use a single SSID to support both visiting eduroam users and its own domain users. Network Sentry automatically provisions network access to both visiting eduroam users and local users based on the university’s pre-defined policies for each user type – staff, students, faculty, guests etc. “The bring your own device trend provides tremendous benefits to all students, staff and guests on campus, but the security concerns regarding the latest mobile threats had prevented us from fully committing to eduroam in the past,” said Sean Ashford, network and system manager at The University of Winchester. “Khipu Networks’ integrated solution instantly took away all the problems and makes it all very simple. Now we fully support eduroam and offer the convenience of instant wireless access to visiting students and staff, while protecting unauthorised access to sensitive data and reducing security risks.”

Benefits of Network Sentry’s support for eduroam include:

• Simplifies the management effort of the eduroam access service

• Requires only a single wireless SSID for all users – both eduroam guest users and domain users

• Visiting eduroam users simply log in using their own eduroam credentials to gain immediate access to the Internet without requiring any additional registration

• Significantly reduces the number of calls to the IT help desk through easy onboarding and remediation processes • Centralised management / auditing / visibility of all wireless users.

• Ability to implement policies / features / functions to local users as required.

• Increased flexibility The University of Winchester deployed the Network Sentry solution in 2012, working in partnership with Khipu Networks.

With 7,000 students, each bringing an average of 2-4 devices, the University uses Network Sentry for visibility and control of wireless network access for its local domain users as well as for visiting eduroam users. Network Sentry provisions network access based on pre-defined policies and ensures that mobile devices are compliant before joining the network. Non-compliant devices are automatically quarantined and users are guided through steps for remediation. Since the deployment of Network Sentry, the University of Winchester’s IT department has seen a considerable decrease in the number of calls to the help desk, freeing up valuable time and resources for other projects, and a significant improvement in student satisfaction with wireless connectivity.

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