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For the education sector, cyber breaches are becoming less of a possibility and more of an inevitability. Many are accepting this reality and seeking to add another layer of proactive cyber security to their existing investments. However, whilst this necessity to detect and respond to cyber threats 24x7x365 is ever-present, the costs and associated training required to establish an in-house security operations centre (SOC) are, in most cases, inhibitive factors.

It is for these reasons that, across the past three years, KHIPU having been working closely with our university, college and school customers to both discover and fully understand the common challenges and pain-points impacting the education sector. Taking this knowledge in-house, we have developed and implemented our unique community-driven Security Operations Centre (SOC) solutions, providing institutions of all sizes with budget-conscious round-the-clock proactive cyber security protection.




Why are so many institutions using our SOC services?

Over the past three years, we have been developing SOC services in partnership with our education sector customers with the overall focus around affordable immediate threat detection, response and protection. By gaining intelligence from our customers and global threat feeds, this enables the KHIPU SOC to rapidly respond to and mitigate threats across all institutions using our services. A unique community-driven service to continually improve the sectors overall cyber security posture.

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KHIPU SOC Success Stories 

Canterbury Christ Church University


University of Derby


Sheffield Hallam University


Loretto School


TEC Partnership


Leicester College


What the education sector is saying about our Community SOC Services

  • Sarah Cockrill // Canterbury Christ Church University

    “Partnering with KHIPU allows us to effectively mitigate resourcing challenges seen across the IT sector and give, us access to specialist resource that provides us that 24/7 365-day cover. This gives us a level of protection, against cyber risks we cannot meet through our own internal resourcing alone.”

  • Harshad Taylor // Leicester College

    “The solution proposed by KHIPU was exactly what we were hoping for. Quite often, comprehensive SOC services are very expensive and can be the equivalent in cost to multiple full-time IT staff. One of the factors that made the KHIPU offering so attractive was the clear return-on-investment – not only were we getting an enterprise-grade cyber security solution, but we were getting it at a level which was very consciously priced for the education sector. By leveraging AI and automation to take on the heavy lifting of our network security, we are now able to do a lot more with our existing resource. Essentially, we have invested in a robust cyber security solution which not only provides peace of mind but also gives us more time to focus on our other priorities.”

  • Paul Conroy // Loretto School

    “It’s getting more and more difficult to respond to the continual wave of cyber threats, let alone ensure sufficient protective measures are in place 24×7. To address these challenges, which are very common within the education sector, we have implemented an around the clock Security Operations Centre (SOC) in partnership with KHIPU. The service doesn’t just alert on threats, it responds immediately, blocking and preventing attacks. It was also a service that we felt was value for money, enabling us to continually improve the school’s security posture and reputation.”

  • Dave Thornley // Sheffield Hallam University

    "Without having out of hours 24x7x365 cyber threat monitoring, protection and incident response is a huge risk for any organisation. To address this we have chosen KHIPU’s SOC to provide Extended Managed Detection and Response. Key reasons why we selected KHIPU include that their SOC is staffed by cyber experts who are always available, their service integrates into our existing environment and doesn’t just alert, it protects and prevents threats, and their credibility in the sector."

  • James Eaglesfield // University of Derby

    “The implementation was remarkably quick, owing to the collaborative skills and professionalism of the Palo Alto Networks and KHIPU teams. We went live in just four months, working as one to achieve an on-time, on-budget deployment. If the KHIPU SOC identifies a threat, we can cross-check it to ensure everything is working as it should. One of the key benefits of KHIPU’s service is that it doesn’t just collect logs and alert us; it protects against cyberthreats with a team of cybersecurity experts available to us 24/7/365.”

How does KHIPU’s Community SOC work?

By providing standardised cyber security offerings across the education sector enables our Security Operations Centre (SOC) teams to leverage a combination of intelligence from multiple global threat feeds and data drawn from our customers so we can proactively communicate and protect against highly sophisticated threats as well as raise awareness of unusual behaviour to every customer subscribed.

This gives us the capabilities to rapidly mitigate threats sector wide – a community driven approach where our ‘safety in numbers’ strategy brings customers together as the overall common goal is to continually improve the sector’s cyber security posture, security operations and efficiencies.



If you’re considering an outsourced security operations centre for your educational institution, but don’t know where to start, our 15-minute webinars are a perfect launchpad. Hosted by our experienced SOC analysts, these short but informative webinars have been designed to show the effectiveness of our education-sector specific SOC services whilst giving you the opportunity to ask any technical questions you may have.

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