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Minimising your risk to cyber attacks
The common challenges

Insufficient budget for
24×7 SOC capabilities

Difficult to hire and retain
cyber security expertise

Existing security tools not
providing effective threat protection

Our SOC solutions have been designed in partnership with our customers who need an affordable, flexible and scalable service that provides 24x7 immediate detection, response and protection against cyber threats. The faster we can detect and contain threats reduces the overall risk of data breaches, minimising the operational, financial and reputational damage they can have to an organisation.

  • London Luton Airport
  • CCU
  • Envision Racing
  • Derby Uni
  • TEC Partners
  • NWU
  • JISC
  • ARU

“Without having out of hours 24x7x365 cyber threat monitoring, protection and incident response is a huge risk for any organisation. To address this we have chosen KHIPU’s SOC to provide Extended Managed Detection and Response. Key reasons why we selected KHIPU include that their SOC is staffed by cyber experts who are always available, their service integrates into our existing environment and doesn’t just alert, it protects and prevents threats, and their credibility in the sector”

Dave Thornley, Head of Digital Architecture,
Digital Technology Services, Sheffield Hallam University

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Stop Attacks With The Power Of The KHIPU SOC

Our ‘Always Available’ SOC service provides round the clock advanced cyber defence across entire infrastructures, whether deployed in a phased approach or across complete environments – we can protect organisations of any size or location cost effectively.

“KHIPU is an excellent company to work with – we have been very pleased with their solutions and technical capabilities and look forward to a long term strategic partnership as our cyber security journey evolves”.

IT Cyber Security Manager, London Luton Airport

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services

  • Cloud-Native MDR

    Leverage investments by enhancing the capabilities of existing security tools and in-house teams – transforming your environment into a 24x7x365 operated SOC.

  • Extended MDR

    A complete single “turnkey” service and technology stack that identifies, blocks and prevents attacks across endpoints, network, cloud and 3rd party sources.

  • Hybrid MDR

    Bringing the best of both of CMDR and XMDR into a single SOC service – utilising new security capabilities whilst leveraging and enhancing
    existing tools and investments.

Separate or Add-On Services

  • Secure The Data Centre Initiative

    Start your SOC journey now – implement a quick, affordable and low risk 24x7 service that protects what’s important to you. Then expand at your pace to other areas of your estate.

  • Playbooks As A Service

    Implement pre-built and customisable (SOAR) playbooks to automate responses to ransomware and phishing cyber threats with case management and remediation.

  • Enhance Microsoft Defender

    Transform your Microsoft Defender endpoint security investment into a fully operational SOC environment with immediate and effective responses to threats.

“After an extensive review of the market and available Security Operation Centre (SOC) services, we chose KHIPU due to their experience within the sector and capabilities to be able to monitor, detect, protect and prevent threats 24x7x365 across our multi-campus estate. Using the HEITSA Framework made the overall investment significantly lower to the other service provider offerings that we considered.”

Hement Gopal, Information Security, WITS

An integrated suite of AI-driven intelligence, sophisticated automation and highly experienced 24×7 SOC teams to continually discover breaches, investigate and respond effectively to minimise damage.

“After reviewing and trialling different technologies, we chose KHIPU to integrate their Palo Alto Cortex XDR solution in with our Palo Alto firewall estate, which provides a standardised approach to cyber security prevention and detection. Their service also includes a 24x7x365 incident response team that have expert knowledge, experience and capabilities in monitoring and detecting threats throughout our multi-site network”.

Robert Morton, Group Executive Director of ICT, TEC Partnership

Secure The Data Centre Initiative

Working in partnership with our customers, understanding their challenges and requirements for 24x7x365 cyber threat monitoring, response and protection, we launched our “Secure The Data” initiative designed for organisations regardless of size. It helps customers implement a quick and affordable SOC service that secures their data centre mission critical systems that can then be expanded based upon their requirements and priorities.

Start Your SOC Journey Now

“It’s getting more and more difficult to respond to the continual wave of cyber threats, let alone ensure sufficient protective measures are in place 24×7. To address these challenges, which are very common within the education sector, we have implemented a round-the-clock Security Operations Centre (SOC) in partnership with KHIPU.”

Paul J Conroy, ICT Support Manager, Loretto School

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