Zero Vulnerability Infrastructure

– Everyone’s goal

Imagine a network environment with zero vulnerabilities

That’s the goal of any organisation, but with so many cyber security solutions on the market – Where do you start?

KHIPU Networks has a unique set of cyber risk assessments, designed to identify holes in your environment which make it vulnerable to a wide range of common attacks. These assessments provide the information you need to justify investment in the ‘right’ cyber security solutions to maximise protection and prevention.

We target the key elements of your network, assessing the vulnerabilities and risks associated with:

  • Users: Staff, visitors & contractors
  • Endpoints: PC’s, Mobile, BYOD, IoT, Operations: IoT, CCTV, BMS
  • Infrastructure: WiFi, LAN switches, servers (VM) & security
  • Perimeter Security: Firewalls, IPS/IDS, URL & remote access
  • Applications: On-premise and cloud: private & public

Risk Analysis and Prevention Reports

Once the cyber risks have been assessed, we then provide a set of recommendations and solutions, which address the exact areas of your environment that are ‘at-risk’ to malicious insiders and outsiders, malware attacks, accidental data exposure, promiscuous sharing and more. 

All findings are then reviewed with KHIPU as part of a strategic alignment with your organisation.


Assess your environment’s risk to phishing attacks and determine user awareness training needs


Cyber Risk Assessment: Phishing

This cyber risk service enables you to understand your organisations exposure to phishing attacks, allowing you to implement sufficient staff training and cyber security enhancements. KHIPU uses simulated phishing attacks to assess how users react to phishing emails so that the right level of awareness training can be provided to educate them on cyber security and breach prevention (personal and work related).


Assess your environment’s risk to unknown devices connected to your network



Cyber Risk Assessment: Endpoint Visibility

A large number of cyber breaches are a result of unauthorised / unknown devices that have been plugged into the corporate network and used to access and harvest confidential information. Even Today, many organisations do not have a complete or accurate asset register therefore have no visibility of what is actually on their network, let alone know if a new device has been connected. Our assessment enables you to gain a complete view of all endpoints that are connected, whether on wired or wifi, to your network so that you can quickly identify what is authorised and what isn’t.


99% of vulnerabilities are known – identify, prioritise and patch them

Free of charge vulnerability scan available!


Cyber Risk Assessment: Vulnerabilities

Our vulnerability assessment service will identify which of your systems are vulnerable to exploits and how to fix them. This enables you to make informed decisions on which systems are most important to your organisation so you can prioritise and remediate them.


What applications are being used, are they a risk and have you been infected by malware


Cyber Risk Assessment: Network Visibility

Many perimeter security systems are unable to identify network traffic at the application level therefore cannot identify or protect against zero-day malware attacks, let alone enable you to determine what applications are being used by your workforce. This service provides a risk assessment based on the analysis of the traffic traversing your network, taking into account the different types of applications, how they are being used, their relative security risk and if you have been infected by malware.

Request your risk assessment

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  • SA: +27 (041) 393 7608

New Cyber Security Packages Available to reduce your exposure to phishing attacks and vulnerable ‘unpatched’ system exploits – visit here (for education sector, visit here for the Jisc framework services).

Please view all of our cyber risk assessments, that are available individually or as a complete service, to address your priority areas:

USERS: Assess your environment’s risk to phishing attacks and determine user awareness training needs

ENDPOINTS: Assess your environment’s risk to unknown devices connected to your network

INFRASTRUCTURE: 99% of vulnerabilities are known – identify, prioritise and patch them

PERIMETER & APPLICATIONS: What are your current perimeter security systems missing?

Public Sector Purchasing Frameworks

For public sector organisations, please visit here as all risk assessment services are available via direct award through national frameworks.

Weekly 15-minute webinars 

If you would like to attend our webinar sessions, which explain our Zero Vulnerability Infrastructure offering and each of the cyber risk assessments, please register your details here.

Cyber Security Documentary

Watch the cyber security documentary in partnership with Jisc, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Redacted Firm and KHIPU – Understand and appreciate your potential weaknesses to cyber attacks!