KHIPU Networks, were one of the first Cyber Security company’s to introduce Infoblox into the UK market in 2005. Since then, KHIPU has designed, deployed and supported some of the largest and most complex Infoblox projects in Europe. Infoblox (NYSE:BLOX) is the leader in Automated Network Control. Its patented Grid™ technology helps businesses automate complex network control functions to reduce costs and increase security and uptime.

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The Industry’s First Actionable Network Intelligence Platform

For 17 years, Infoblox have been the market leader for core network services, including DNS, DHCP, and IP address management, a category known as DDI.

Infoblox have taken their extensive experience in DDI technology to create an industry first Actionable Network Intelligence Platform. It goes beyond DDI to enable you to harness insights derived from the rivers of data moving through your network to enhance all aspects of network management, security, agility, and cost control.

Products and solution from Infoblox allow you to:-

  • Centralize and automate core network services
  • Maintain 99.999% availability with native redundancy features
  • Harness context-aware threat intelligence to defend against attacks
  • Gain complete visibility across your diverse, multi-vendor network infrastructure
  • Efficiently manage network assets whether they reside in physical, virtual, or cloud environments

Infoblox and the University of Westminster – Daniel Halter from University of Westminster discusses the benefits of using Infoblox to help control your network.

  • Network Security Officer, University of Westminster

    Khipu Networks assists us in our mission to allow our students and faculty’s to access many of new emerging web-based applications, but to first and foremost ensure that they and the network they are attached to remains protected. Seeing all that is actually running on our networks finally makes this possible.

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