JISC Managed Firewall Service

JISC Managed Firewall Service

Jisc Managed Firewall service (MFS), offers peace of mind around the specification, deployment, configuration and ongoing maintenance of firewall infrastructure within your organisation’s network.

The service complements both Jisc’s Managed Security Service Portfolio and Connectivity Services Portfolio, and is designed to reflect the needs of the education and research sector. Combining Jisc’s insight as trusted advisors with KHIPU’s experience in delivering security services at scale.  The service is planned to launch this summer.  Please contact your JISC Account Manager  {find my account manager [jisc.ac.uk] } who will respond near to the launch date with more details.

  • David Spence, Account Director at KHIPU Networks

    “We are very pleased to have been selected by Jisc as its partner to deliver a managed firewall service. Our broad experience in the delivery of cyber services means we can support the sector at scale, while keeping pace with the ever-changing threat landscape. Having already established a long-term, successful partnership with Jisc, our combined experience and capabilities will offer the community a trusted, flexible and cost-effective managed firewall service that will meet the needs of any sized institution.” 

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