Next Generation Firewalling

Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) is what we call the third generation of firewall technology. An NGFW contains all the best features of a traditional firewall (Port & Service based) but includes more layers of the 7-Layer OSI model to provide greater visibility and control over any data / application traversing the firewall whether using various ports and services or trying to hide within an SSL encrypted conversation.

KHIPU works with leading NGFW vendors to provide a range of products and services supporting small customers from a 10Mb Firewall, all the way to 100Gb firewall performance.




Users, Data, Applications – Can you track them?

Traditional firewall technologies are unable to differentiate between legitimate business requirements and nefarious activities.

Your business is flexible, your security solutions have to be flexible and secure whilst providing an automated, real-time security analysis of who is doing what, where and how.  KHIPU has a long term relationship with Palo Alto Networks, the leading firewall vendor on the market today (don’t just take our word, GARTNER also agree and you can read here).

Next Generation Firewalls
…more than an Appliance

Whether you are looking for a firewall for your perimeter, data centre or providing remote access – we have the right solution for you. As your users, applications and data are highly flexible – so are the solutions we can offer you.

Ensuring your perimeter, business critical systems, remote users have the best protection means that the NGFW extends protection including end point protection, cloud protection and threat analysis.

KHIPU are Cyber Security Professionals and will work with your team to reduce your threats, attack service and significantly increase visibility and control ensuring the integrity of your your security profile.