Case Study 

Simplifying Vulnerability Management By Prioritising What Is Mission Critical To You

University of Reading uses KHIPU’s managed vulnerability assessment service that automates consolidation and prioritisation of vulnerabilities across large and complex environments


The Challenge

The skills shortage in the global cybersecurity workforce can leave many organisations lacking the manpower to fully utilise their security tools. The University of Reading experienced such an issue when its vulnerability assessment scans added another level of labour to already burdened security analysts.

By the time they had chance to read the reports and take action, new vulnerabilities were already being identified. Like many vulnerability scanning services, the time and resources needed to aggregate the detailed reports generated, especially in education sector environments with thousands of devices, into manageable content was very difficult to achieve however extremely vital to identify and remediate vulnerabilities.

The University’s security analysts needed more than just raw data to plan intelligent vulnerability management tactics.

The Solution

KHIPU’s managed vulnerability assessment service has significantly reduced the need for the University review its scans and make sense of the large detailed reports.

Data science expertise at KHIPU enables the creation of actionable reports that the University’s analysts require – thousands of data points become simple graphs and bullet point plans so that the University can in a snap shot, understand its vulnerability posture and make quick decisions on how to resolve.

The reports generated can be customised to the Universities requirements as their own priorities shift and change, which typical in these environments, allowing them to continually assess their vulnerability posture and prioritise what is important to the institution.

The Result

The University now has access to a range of service benefits that can be used as and when required including:

  • The simple presentation of vulnerabilities gives analysts greater, simpler insight to the network-wide risks faced by the University on a weekly basis.
  • Visibility into the most critical assets, software and entry points that need addressing, along with the necessary details on how to do so.
  • Freedom for security analysts to spend time remediating issues as KHIPU identify them and focussing on future initiatives rather than spend a significant amount of time trawling through lists of vulnerability findings.
  • Quality overview reports written for the purpose of presentation to senior management, to help better communicate the challenges faced by the security team.
  • Improved cyber security posture against the ever-changing cyber threat landscape through improved vulnerability management.

The Jisc Public Sector Frameworks

The University of Reading purchased the solution from KHIPU Networks via Jisc’s “Vulnerability assessment and information service” Framework. The Framework allows public sector organisations to procure directly from KHIPU saving the time, money and risks associated with the typical procurement processes.

Jisc has negotiated a public sector wide discount framework that will help institutions with their budget constraints so that they can invest in value-for-money cyber security solutions.

Who can use the Jisc Frameworks?

The scope of the framework covers purchases by JSL, Jisc and its members. It also covers purchases by Higher Education institutions, Further Education and Specialist Colleges and Research Council establishments in the UK, and by any other organisations connected to the Janet network, including Local Authorities, Regional Broadband Consortia, or other bodies whose core purpose is the support or advancement of further or higher education or of research.

For further details, please contact KHIPU or your Jisc Account Manager.

  • Kevin Mortimer, Head of Operations - Digital Technology Services, University of Reading

    “Using KHIPU’s managed vulnerability assessment service enables the University to have a pro-active approach to cyber security. The service purchased through Jisc's Vulnerability Assessment and Information Framework, has been a success for the University.”

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