Securing Public & Private Clouds

Cloud-based software and services i.e. Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) provide great agility, scalability and performance. However, are not often designed with security in mind, resulting in the use of multiple security tools from a wide range different vendors.

This approach has led to a fragmented security environment that has limited visibility and requires significant manual effort for implementation and support, leaving institutions exposed to threats and data breaches.

  • Risk of confidential data leakage
  • Data loss through misconfigured cloud environments (e.g. public shares)
  • Hosting and sharing malware infected files
  • Operational, financial and reputational consequences

Security has to be taken seriously when making that shift to the cloud and should be part of the transition – not considered afterwards.

The Palo Alto Networks® Security Operating Platform provides security tailored to your cloud environments.

  • Virtual Next-Gen Firewalls – Manage network security for apps hosted on-premise, in private or public cloud, and integrate network security provisioning directly into the application development lifecycle ensuring safe on-demand scalability.
  • Prisma Cloud – Security and compliance coverage across multi-cloud environments, protecting hosts, containers and serverless workloads and delivering visibility of cloud activities
  • Prisma SaaS – Data protection and consistency across SaaS apps, providing advanced capabilities in risk discovery, data loss prevention, compliance assurance, data governance, user behaviour monitoring and threat prevention.
  • Cloud Risk Assessments – Validate if your internet facing services are vulnerable, provide in-depth knowledge of your SaaS usage and determine if your cloud environment is secure and compliant.

A single consistent solution that delivers automated protection across public clouds, SaaS applications and private clouds enabling you to rapidly adopt cloud-delivered services without compromising security or avoiding business disruption.

In partnership with Palo Alto Networks, we take a different approach, securing the cloud from the inside out by providing the most comprehensive multi-cloud security in the industry enabling institutions to:

  • Protect data, governance and compliance to safely enable institutions to adopt SaaS.
  • Connect and protect mobile users and regional locations, anywhere in the world.
  • Provide comprehensive visibility, threat prevention, compliance assurance and data protection consistently across multi-cloud environments.
  • Virtualise Next-Gen Firewalling to deliver inline network security and threat prevention across your private and public cloud.

With our offering, institutions can protect their users, applications and data, regardless of where they are located – securing their journey to the cloud.

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