Ransomware / Malware

Malware and ransomware is continually on the rise. In 2019, there were a total 1001 million malware instances identified, yet in just 2020, over 1029 million new types of malware have already been identified*. Malware can harm an institution in many ways:

  • Causing a device to become locked or unusable.
  • Stealing, deleting or encrypting data.
  • Taking control of your devices to attack other organisations.
  • Obtaining credentials which allow access to your organisation’s systems or services.
  • Cryptocurrency mining.

Cybercriminals continually use ransomware to lock files containing crucial information, compelling users to pay a ransom in order to gain access. Ransomware regularly causes financial loss, disruption and reputational damage to those organisations who have not been able to continually invest in the right solutions, implement best practise processes or provide regular user awareness training.

*Source: AV-Test, The Independent IT-Security Institute

Our approach to this, utilising the Palo Alto Networks nextgen security platform, looks at preventing malware content reaching the cloud, the network and the endpoints.

  • Next-Gen Firewalls – Complete visibility and control over network traffic, user behaviour and endpoint activity.
  • Threat Prevention – Protects your network against these threats by providing multiple layers of prevention, confronting threats at each phase of the attack – with the the unique ability to detect and block threats on any and all ports.
  • WildFire® – Malware prevention service detects and prevents unknown attacks – with a unique, multi-technique detection approach against highly evasive zero-day exploits and malware.
  • Cortex XDR Prevent – Prevent provides advanced endpoint threat protection – utilising industry leading machine learning, and behavioural analysis to block known and unknown threats including exploits, malware and ransomware on the device.
  • Cortex XDR Pro –  The Cortex XDR platform provides enterprise-scale prevention, detection and response that eliminates blind spots by integrating endpoint, network and cloud data to accurately detect threats and simplify investigations.

As its almost impossible to completely protect an organisation against malware infections, a multi-layer defence strategy is needed to mitigate against these types of attacks. Our offering enables this defence strategy to be achieved using a single security platform.

By utilising Palo Alto Networks solution portfolio with KHIPU’s hands-on experience, offers institutions a single integrated solution to address malware and ransomware from a network, cloud and endpoint security perspective – with the overall aim to reduce the cyber attack surface:

  • Identify and prevent known and unknown malware
  • 24x7x365 proactive file analysis to determine if its carrying malware
  • Real-time data traffic analyses for immediate response and protection
  • A single automated approach for complete cloud, perimeter and endpoint security

With many customers references available for these solutions, they are proven within both the Higher and Further Education sectors to protect and prevent against cyber threats associated with malware and ransomware.

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