Khipu Networks Challenge

Save money, reduce operational costs, enhance performance & shrink footprint.

...and we’ll email a core network analysis summary – showing your current environment in comparison to our virtual core solution.

The analysis will provide you with
a breakdown of:

  • Rack space in use
  • Network power consumed (including UPS, cooling, chassis)
  • Port bandwidth available / used
  • Annual costs for rack space & overheads
  • Reduction in rack space
  • Environmental power reductions
  • Port bandwidth increase
  • Cost reductions: space, annual power, maintenance / support services (OP-EX)
  • Full specification of replacement network equipment*, required professional & support / maintenance services
  • Full cost breakdown of moving to our virtual core environment

...and let us prove how we can increase performance, reduce footprint & save you money.

*subject to an onsite design review

  • Reduce power, operational & maintenance costs
  • Shrink cabinet utilisation > 80%
  • Enhance performance, scalability & future proofing
  • Increase resilience & simplify design
  • Evidence based Return On Investment

We’ll show you how many of our customers have moved from traditional large chassis-based switches to our small form factor high density virtual chassis solution including; Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, Warwickshire County Council & the University of West London.


“Moving from a traditional chassis based network to Khipu’s virtual chassis solution has enabled our Trust to expand its data centre environment as a result of increased network capacity, freed up cabinet space & operational cost savings. Khipu have met and exceeded our overall requirements to make significant improvements to our ‘life-depending’ mission critical network and at the same time, reduce our overall on-going expenditure and data centre footprint.”

Andy Bissenden, Associate Director for IT
East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust