SOC Webinar Series

The Life of a SOC – A Service Update

Please attend our SOC update webinar series covering:

The Security Operations Centre (SOC): Build one yourself, outsource or collaborate with a trusted MSSP?

2 Years of Lessons Learnt: Delivering Managed Detection and Response Services to all industries.

A Joint Collaboration: Developing a Service that works for all enterprises.

Buying into a Community-Driven Service: Industry-wide Rapid Response and Mitigation of Cyber Threats.

Resources and Promotions including FREE cyber security virtual training, SOC feasibility workshops and dealing with ransomware best practice guides.

“Make the most of your phishing simulations”

Jack Field, KHIPU’s Cyber Security Services Team Lead, blogs about his experiences in providing simulated phishing services and awareness training, and how he’s been helping institutions reduce their exposure to one of the most common cyber attack methods. Read more.

Identify. Continually Assess and Train. Be Secure.

We’ve released new lower cost cyber security packages that not only identify risks to phishing attacks and vulnerable systems, but provide continual awareness and threat prevention. As part of Cyber Security Awareness Month we’ve included FREE training, simulations, scans and more. Read more.

Cyber Attack Business Impact Calculator

The Business Impact Calculator is an easy-to-use ROI tool that supports the strategic decisions you’re making to protect the organisation. By inputting specific information about your environment, we produce a report that shows reduced spend, productivity savings and reduced cost of attacks if you invested into a SOC MDR service.

Please complete the below form and our team will contact you to book a workshop to complete the calculator and produce a report.

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