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Stop attacks with the power of KHIPU’s SOC

Our ‘Always Available’ SOC service provides 24x7x365 advanced cyber defence across endpoints, networks and the cloud – proactively identifying and blocking malware, ransomware, file and file-less attacks by focusing on five key areas; IdentifyAlertInvestigateMitigate and Continuous Improvement.

  1. Identify attacks across network segments: Endpoint, networks and the cloud.
  2. Alert all personnel on incidents based upon severity
  3. Investigate and analyse the root cause and impact of the incident.
  4. Mitigate and stop the attack working in partnership with the customer
  5. Continuous Improvement – Adjust and improve operations to keep up with changing and emerging threats

We have created bespoke SOC proposals. For more information and to request one please register below.

  • Harshad Taylor, Group Executive Director of IT, TEC Partnership

    Together, Palo Alto Networks and KHIPU give us a holistic approach to threat detection, response, and prevention. The complete solution moves beyond protection for specific areas like servers, PCs, and other endpoints. It extends across the entire network, endpoint estate, third-party and cloud environment. And that security is continually watching for vulnerabilities 24/7/365.

  • James Eaglesfield, Head of IT Governance and Portfolio, University of Derby

    The XMDR service gives us the granular visibility we’ve never had before. We can’t be certain what comes in through an endpoint. Cortex XDR, as part of the KHIPU XMDR, ensures the university has a trusted endpoint and network protection strategy proven to identify, stop, and prevent attacks.

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