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Gain a “ready to go” 24x7x365 Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Availability – A Necessity

Many organisations regardless of industry, location or size are under increasing commercial pressure to ensure their business objectives and strategies are met and exceeded through ‘always available’ on-premise and cloud infrastructures.

The implications of any disruption to service may be significant which could result in financial loss and/or reputational damage.


The additional impact of COVID-19 commercially and for staffing, has attracted a new wave of cyber criminals seeking weaknesses across all organisations.

This adds even more complexity as not only are you trying to ensure that your infrastructures are readily available and secure, you must also be prepared and able to respond effectively to cyber breaches.

It is these breaches, which for some are inevitable, that are crippling IT infrastructures and services every day – now is the right time to invest in cyber security operational services that are readily available, flexible and cost effective.

Safeguard your organisation

Providing an effective MDR service takes time – you have to listen to the challenges your customers are facing, you have take guidance from market leading technology vendors and analysts, and invest in the right people, technology and training.

Over the past twenty-four months, we have been working alongside our customers, strategic partners (including Palo Alto Networks) and building on our security personnel to increase and enhance our delivery of specialised MDR services that help organisations overcome the common challenges associated with continually protecting against and preventing cyber-attacks.

Common challenges

  • Insufficient budget, limited resources and lack of time to build their own SOC.
  • Limited funds available to invest into the right security tools and expertise.
  • Limited or no trained/certified cyber security experts on call and ready to respond to a cyber-incident 24x7x365.
  • No real picture of cyber threats, whether endpoint, network and/or cloud related.
  • How to effectively respond to a cyber-security incident, who to call if a breach occurs.
  • Understanding what could a ‘worst case’ cyber security incident look like for them.
  • Inability to contain and limit the impact of a breach.
  • Selecting the right cyber security partner who can address their needs whose services are affordable and value for money.

Stop attacks with the power of KHIPU’s SOC

Our ‘Always Available’ SOC service provides 24x7x365 advanced cyber defence across endpoints, networks and the cloud – proactively identifying and blocking malware, ransomware, file and file-less attacks by focusing on five key areas; Identify, Alert, Investigate, Mitigate and Continuous Improvement.

  1. Identify attacks across network segments: Endpoint, networks and the cloud.
  2. Alert all personnel on incidents based upon severity
  3. Investigate and analyse the root cause and impact of the incident.
  4. Mitigate and stop the attack working in partnership with the customer
  5. Continuous Improvement – Adjust and improve operations to keep up with changing and emerging threats.

A Flexible and Dynamic Service 

Providing a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service is not a “one size fits all” approach, it has to be flexible as each organisation has differing requirements, environments and priorities. This is key to our service, as our offering is flexible ranging from continuous alerting and notification only, to root cause analysis, response and mitigation – whatever the requirement is, our SOC MDR service platform can deliver what our customers need.

Managed Detection and Response Services

Our SOC is staffed by our own permanent employees, who are certified and experienced cyber security professionals – available 24x7x365 to provide the following services: 

  • Threat Visibility: Detect attacks across network segments; Endpoints, networks and the cloud.
  • Prevention and Detection: Identify and block malware, ransomware, file and file-less attacks.
  • Detection, investigation and root cause analysis of sophisticated threat activity at all stages of the attack lifecycle.
  • AI Powered Behavioural analytics: Continual user and endpoint behaviour analysis with anomaly attack and root cause detection.
  • Threat Hunting Services: Identify advanced threats, MITRE ATT@CK based hunting, on-going investigation.
  • Incident Response Services: Available 24x7x365 with guaranteed SLA’s.
  • Triage and Investigation Services
  • Reporting – Incident management, security and custom reporting

Managed Firewall Services

Many organisations have limited resources or budget to effectively manage their NextGen Firewall environment, this can often lead to:

  • Out of date configurations and software releases.
  • Security risks.
  • Delays in responding to change requests.
  • Inability to leverage the full capabilities of their NextGen Firewall investment.
  • Unable to effectively respond to and investigate breaches.

As a Palo Alto Networks certified MSSP, our SOC team provide flexible managed services, tailored to meet any requirements. Whether we take on full responsibility of the day to day operations and management of your NextGen Firewall infrastructure, or as an extension of your team, all tasks are ‘shared’ between both organisations – we have reduced costs, streamlined operations, improved efficiencies and cyber security postures.

Therefore, enabling you to focus on strategic projects and initiatives without the worry of managing your perimeter security environment.

Powered by Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR

Our MDR service utilises Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR solution which delivers a consolidated approach to cyber security, leveraging existing investments in perimeter security, log collector platforms and more. Furthermore, the service is not limited to Palo Alto Networks environments, it fully supports leading technologies including Fortinet, Checkpoint and Cisco. It’s industry’s only open and integrated AI-based continuous SOC platform that significantly improves security outcomes through automation and unprecedented accuracy.

Trusted and certified to deliver

We have over 10 years’ experience with Palo Alto Networks – designing, installing, supporting and managing their entire product portfolio into many different industries. We are one of the most certified partners in the world with the following accreditations:

  • Diamond Innovator
  • Global Accredited Service Centre (ASC)
  • Managed Services Security Provider (MSSP)
  • Cloud Security Services Provider (CSSP)
  • Certified Professional Services Provider (CPSP)
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Provider

  • Robert Morton, Group Executive Director of IT, TEC Partnership

    "After reviewing and trialling different technologies, we chose KHIPU to integrate their Palo Alto Cortex XDR solution in with our Palo Alto firewall estate, which provides a standardised approach to cyber security prevention and detection. Their service also includes a 24x7x365 incident response team that have expert knowledge, experience and capabilities in monitoring and detecting threats throughout our multi-site network. We have a successful working relationship with KHIPU and look forward to their continued support and services and to also share our experiences with institutions across the educational sector."

  • Martin Venter, Systems Manager, North-West University

    "As part of our strategy, we have partnered with KHIPU Networks to deploy and manage Palo Alto Networks XDR solution that provides us with visibility, rapid protection and prevention against to cyber breaches. XDR, with the integration of our Next Generation Firewall environment, means that we have protection across our large campus network, cloud and endpoint environment”.

Outcomes and Benefits

  • Gaining a 24x7x365 “ready to go” SOC service with dedicated SLAs that reduce your risk of being breached.
  • Gaining a team of dedicated cyber security experts available 24x7x365.
  • Moving from a reactive approach to incident response to a proactive one
  • Freeing up your teams so they can refocus on business needs.
  • Reducing the cost, time and resources to build your own SOC that also requires continual investment, training and improvement.
  • Eliminate the alert volume associated with traditional security systems – only be alerted when it’s necessary.
  • Utilise your existing investments, not just Palo Alto Networks.
  • Reducing the mean time to detect and respond (MTTD / MTTR) to attacks to a guaranteed 60 minutes or less.
  • Getting dedicated threat hunters searching for advanced threats within your unique environment and leveraging global intelligence.
  • Augmenting traditional MSSP services or the current SOC to unburden the security team of incident investigation, response and hunting.


  • Over 19 years’ experience with cyber security, as well as networking and Wi-Fi infrastructures – a complete service that’s not siloed to specific areas.
  • Our SOC MDR service has taken over 24 months to refine to ensure it can meet requirements from all different types of industries, regardless of size and location.
  • The SOC team is made of only experience and certified cyber security experts who are available 24x7x365. Not 9-5 with a reduced shift for out of hours’ coverage.
  • Our SOC service, processes and personnel are certified by Gartner leading manufacturers – we’re certified to provide MDR services.
  • Our SOC service is built upon Palo Alto Networks Cortex platform – ratification that the service available is market leading.
  • Over 10 years’ experience with Palo Alto Networks, we are one of the most experienced partners in the world.
  • Our service provides a complete solution for MDR, managed firewalls and vulnerability assessments – key areas for on-going cyber threat protection and prevention.
  • Exceptional customer references to prove that we can execute and deliver cyber security services.

Multiple Ways to Invest – As A Service Models

Listening to our customers and working with them to deliver our services that meet their budgets, we have enhanced our payment plan options to include multiple ways to invest. This approach enables you to continue to invest in the right cyber security services, despite the challenges associated with budget constraints.

These options include; traditional CAPEX/OPEX purchases, flexible OPEX payment plans and managed ‘As A Service’ cost models.

Our enhanced ‘As A Service’ solutions focus on the necessary areas needed to get maximum protection and prevention against cyber attacks and include; SOC As A Service, Firewall As A Service and Vulnerability Management As A Service, with more being constantly developed.

Interested in our SOC MDR Services.

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