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Flexible and enhanced support and managed services to meet any requirement.

Always Available Support

As a result of the changes in how many of us now work, the reliance on experienced, certified and readily available technical and cyber security support is at an all-time high.

With reduced staff numbers and limited funds available, many of our customers are under pressure to deliver new strategic projects whilst at the same time, ensure that their infrastructures are available and secure at all times.

This has resulted in a huge increase for ‘always available’ support and managed services that help customers focus on project delivery, rather than be consumed by day to day business as usual tasks, unforeseeable problems and cyber breaches.

New Demands, New Services

To meet this rise in new demand, we have enhanced our support and security services to meet all customer requirements. We have also renamed our offerings, so it’s easier to understand what they actually provide:

  • Maintain
  • Monitor (KARMA™)
  • Manage

All services are operated from 0ur 24x7x365 staffed Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Security Operations Centre (SOC) ensuring support availability at all times.


For customers who require a standard level of service, we can provide ‘break-fix’ support contracts for any technology vendor. This service enables customers to have a single point of contact for all hardware and software related problems removing the issues associated with multiple support contracts and help desks.

We’ve extended our standard hours of operation to 08:00 to 18:00 with a wide range of services available to meet different customer requirements.

Free Upgrade

For customers with valid 09:00 to 17:00 break-fix contracts in place, they will be upgraded at no cost, to 08:00 to 18:00. This additional coverage will not only help with support, it can also assist with ‘out of hours’ hardware replacements without incurring additional costs. Existing customers also get access to our loyalty discount program to upgrade to our Monitor and Manage service offerings.

Contact Your Account Manager To Upgrade

Monitor and Maintain

Our KARMA™ Security and Network Operations Centres (SOC / NOC) proactively monitor your infrastructure and security posture, to provide immediate identification of problems either before or as they occur, allowing quick alerting, action and resolution.

The service has been developed to ensure optimal service availability and can monitor and secure your entire infrastructure. It can also be used as a network management system.

With immediate identification of service affecting issues and security breaches, our engineers alert your teams 24×7 by phone, email and SMS, and provide the necessary support proactively (rather than wait for you to log a call).

Proactive Support, Not Reactive

  • Monitor the availability and security of your entire IT environment; LAN, WiFi, Next-Gen Firewalls, RADIUS, WANs, UPS power supplies, IoT, servers, service / application performance, websites and much more.
  • Customisable ‘simple to use’ dashboards: health views and network maps.
  • A mobile “App” for uptime network monitoring and alerting.
  • Reporting to analyse monitoring and uptime over a specified time period.
  • A cost effective alternative to an existing network management platform.
  • Staff continually monitoring your environment with flexible hours of coverage available such as 17:00 to 09:00 and 24*7.
  • Available either as a Monitor and Maintain service or just Monitor only.


For customers who are looking for a flexible managed service, we can provide a tailored offering to meet any requirement.

Whether we take on full responsibility of the day to day operations and management of your network, wifi and/or cyber security infrastructure, or in partnership with the customer, all tasks are ‘shared’ between both organisations, we have reduced costs, streamlined operations and improved efficiencies so that strategic projects and initiatives can be delivered.

The Benefits

  • Faster ‘always available’ responses to problems and change requests.
  • Reduced reliance on dedicated highly skilled staff; re-assigning them to focus on strategic projects, development and improvements.
  • Reduced costs in additional staff and certified training.
  • Improved efficiencies of the IT department coupled with an enhanced reputation within the organisation.
  • Flexible OPEX managed service “As A Service” models to enable investments in the latest technologies and solutions.

Supporting and Managing Your Infrastructure

Whether you need us to support specific areas or are considering a single route to maintain, monitor or manage your entire infrastructure, our offerings are tailored to meet any requirement or environment.

Reviewing your WiFi, LAN and/or Firewalls in 2021/22?

As certified Managed Services Providers with Palo Alto Networks (MSSP) and HPE Aruba (MSP), we can provide their entire solution portfolios as OPEX ‘As A Service’ flexible cost models.

Contact KHIPU for an assessment of your environment, we will then provide you with a best practise design including cost models (with ROI) to upgrade using HPE Aruba and/or Palo Alto Networks. It’s time to simplify, reduce costs and improve user experience.

Proactively identify internal threats and take appropriate action automatically to protect your environment.

Experience monitoring – LAN, WiFi & WAN

Improve the user experience through continual proactive performance monitoring, troubleshooting and visibility. Using Aruba’s UXI user experience sensors, you can diagnose, troubleshoot and even detect problems or anomalies before issues arise.

These sensors are low-cost, manufacturer agnostic and can be deployed remotely with no network connectivity needed. Download the solution brief.

Free 30-day Problem Solver

Experiencing problems across your LAN, WiFi and/or WAN but haven’t been able to identify the route cause?

Request your free 30-day trial of a UXI sensor – and instantly identify what the issue is whether it’s authentication, DNS, DHCP, AP association, coverage or application service etc related.

Support Services Update Webinar Invite

Meet the KHIPU team as they present the new enhanced support offerings and Security Operation Centre (SOC) services.

Plus join in on our live customer Q&A session – where we can even invite you to join the virtual stage.

Register your place using the form and dates will be shared once organised.

All attendees can also request a FREE vulnerability assessment scan!

WiFi End User Support Services Now Available

Dealing with “the WiFi doesn’t work” support calls is a challenge and can be time consuming. Our new 24 x 7 x 365 end user support service provides:

  • A dedicated number with customisable answering services.
  • Technically trained personnel to help with all WiFi challenges including devices, connectivity and troubleshooting.
  • Monthly insights including reporting, statistics, and service reviews.
  • Support for all WiFi services including guest/public, eduroam and govroam.
  • Russell Hookway, Network & Telephony Manager, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

    KHIPU has been supporting and managing our infrastructure since 2008, they provide excellent service and we look forward to many more years in partnership with them.

  • Dan Halter, Global Infrastructure Manager, Volition

    Big enough to deliver, small enough to care. I have been working with KHIPU since 2005, when they were a small start up. Now with 100+ employees, they still have the same ethos to provide outstanding support.

  • Flip Van Schalkwyk, Head of IT Infrastructure, NWU

    The Palo Alto Networks NextGen Firewall implementation has been a huge success for us. This is mainly due to the superior level of service we have received from the KHIPU team since day one.

    Flip has been a KHIPU customer since 2013.

  • Guy Jermany, Chief Information Officer, KHIPU Networks

    "Many of our customers use a large and disparate set of tools to monitor, troubleshoot and manage their networks. As network complexity increases with the adoption of new technologies such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), the need to modernise and consolidate these tools, along with more pro-active support from trusted partners, is becoming a necessity.

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