Monitor and Maintain (KARMA™)

KARMA™ “Khipu Automated Remote Monitoring Application” is a pro-active monitoring service that can observe all aspects of your mission critical network, system and security environment. It automatically provides immediate identification of problems either before or as they occur, allowing quick action and resolution. KARMA™ has been developed to improve your support operations and service availability.

Read more about KARMA™ version 3 with new features and services available.

The KARMA service enables Khipu’s Support Team to have 24x7x365 visibility of the health of your network infrastructure. In the event of an issue or problem arising, our team are immediately notified, enabling them to action a support call/helpdesk ticket, assign an engineer and investigate the issue. This pro-active process enhances our service offering as well as enable faster SLA’s and solutions to problems.

Whether you have purchased a solution from Khipu or not, our KARMA service can remotely monitor and pro-actively support all or specific areas of your network and their dependencies.

The three main areas are;


Security Systems

  • Network Access Control (NAC)
  • Next Generation Firewalls
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
  • Web Content / Proxies
  • Other Perimeter Security Systems


  • Wireless Controllers, Access Points
  • Switches and Routers
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) / Wide Area Networks (WAN)


  • Email / Intranet Services
  • Server and Virtual Machine environments

*Other systems can be added upon request






  • 24x7x365 pro-active monitoring of mission critical services and systems
  • 24x7x365 visibility and notification of issues and performance
  • Utilisation / capacity planning including licensing, Client to SSID reporting and performance
  • Improved Uptime, Service Availability and SLA’s
  • Free up your helpdesk staff to focus on other projects
  • Removes reliance on a ‘reactive’ support process in the event of a problem
  • Real-Time and Historic Reporting ’network playback’
  • Cost effective ‘efficient’ approach for enhanced services to your users
  • Head of Networks, Birkbeck – University of London

    The implementation of KARMA was straightforward and it highlighted potential problems the first weekend in operation, preventing a potential service outage. We welcome anything which improves our monitoring and notification capability, and KARMA has proved its worth a number of times since, while releasing staff from day to day monitoring and housekeeping tasks.

KARMA Services Available

There are a number of services available including ‘bespoke’ options tailored to specific customer requirements. These range from pro-active monitoring only to 24x7x365 pro-active, telephone, email and onsite engineering support, as well as managed services.

For further details, please download our KARMA solution brief

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