Cyber Risk Assessment: Vulnerabilities

Zero Vulnerability Infrastructure

Simplify and justify your approach to cyber security

Our cyber risk assessment services can address each of the key areas of your network environment independently or as a whole.

USERS: Assess your risk to phishing attacks and determine user awareness training needs

ENDPOINTS: Identify your risk to unknown devices connected to your network

INFRASTRUCTURE: 99% of vulnerabilities are known – identify, prioritise and patch them

PERIMETER & APPLICATIONS: What applications are being used, are they a risk and have you been infected by malware

Risk Assessment: Vulnerabilities

This cyber risk service will identify which systems on your network are vulnerable and provide simple steps on how to fix them. The assessment will enable you to make informed decisions on which systems are most important to your organisation so you can prioritise and remediate them.

KHIPU uses a vulnerability assessment solution to scan your internal and internet facing systems so that you gain a complete picture of all vulnerable systems on your network so that recommendations to fix can be made.

Each assessment is conducted and managed by our dedicated cyber security teams – ensuring the cyber risk service meets all objectives and has meaningful outcomes.

Goal: To understand if your systems could be compromised, their importance and how to continually protect them against cyber-attack exploits

Focus: Internal and external vulnerability assessment scans to identify which systems are vulnerable, prioritise and fix them, with continued management for on-going protection

Outcomes: A report which details any vulnerabilities identified, their severity and how to resolve with recommendations for on-going prevention and protection against cyber-attacks. The report will be reviewed with KHIPU and you, as part of our strategic alignment with your organisation.


Automated vulnerability management

  • Automate regular assessment scanning, management and reporting
  • Continually manage and prioritise vulnerabilities
  • Validate your patching to ensure exploits have been resolved

Advanced endpoint protection

  • Patching the unpatched – Virtually patch end of support / unsupported platforms, removing the risk of these being exploited with no options to fix
  • Eliminate the urgency to patch applications as soon as possible – improve and simplify patch management and security across your estate
  • Protect mission critical servers and high-value hosts/users

Best practise processes and workflows

  • Simplified processes for prioritising and fixing systems that are important to your business
  • Workflows on how to mitigate the risk of the vulnerabilities identified

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