xOCTM Powered Infrastructures

xOCTM Powered Infrastructures


Integrating Network and Security Operations Centre Services To Deliver Continual Availability, Visibility, Protection and Prevention


Resilient, High Speed and Secure infrastructure

  • Business critical  – Always On, Always Accessible, Always Available
  • Reduced risks of cyber breaches – minimise impact
  • Demonstrate secure posture for cyber insurance premium

Single Fully or Hybrid / Co- Managed service for entire infrastructure and cyber security

  • Skills gap and resources
  • Time consuming and expensive to recruit
  • Difficult to keep good skilled staff

24x7x365 NOC and SOC ”staffed” Services

  • 24x7x365 Monitoring, alerting and support of network uptime
  • 24x7x365 Cyber Threat Monitoring, Protection and Prevention

Business Needs

  • Self-service secure on-boarding of BYOD and guest access
  • Develop, implement and maintain Zero Trust Architecture
  • Flexible purchase options – Opex models, due to limited Capex availability
  • Sweat the asset – enhance existing capabilities where possible

xOCTM  Powered Infrastructures – Deliver the complete service

NOC Powered Infrastructures

24x7x365 Monitoring and Alerting

  • Monitor any device (vendor agnostic)

24x7x365 Monitoring, Support and Managed Services

  • Networking (WiFi/Wired)
  • Zero Trust / Authentication (CPPM)
  • NGFWs

SOC Powered Infrastructures

24x7x365 Cyber Threat Monitoring, Protection and Prevention (XMDR)

  • Datacentre / NGFWs
  • High-value assets (elevated / privilege access)
  • All user devices

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