Shortage of Staff

One of the many challenges institutions face is the ability to proactively manage cyber security ‘in-house’, especially when focusing on delivering remote working services and ensuring their IT operations are continually running.

IT teams are limited in numbers and are already heavily consumed with day to day ‘business as usual’ tasks and projects, leaving them very little time to deal with the proactive measures needed to protect their institution.

The costs, risks and complexity associated with this can leave environments exposed from a wide range of attacks, let alone the risks related to the inability to effectively detect and respond to a breach.

In a world where the cyber threat landscape is continually evolving, it’s near enough impossible to proactively protect and prevent against cyber attacks when relying on staff alone without automation, artificial intelligence and the help and support from 3rd party experts.

Our approach to effective cyber security management uses a combination of solutions that can be used separately or combined for optimum automation and security. These are all based around removing the traditional multi-product silo approach, making solutions and services work together for simplified management, cost effectiveness and improved cyber protection.

  • Flexible Managed Firewall Services – In partnership with Jisc, provide proactive monitoring with flexible managed or co-managed services, alleviating IT teams from the day to day firewall administration needed to support the demands from different departments. Options include with and without Next-Gen Firewalls.
  • Cortex XDR Pro – The Cortex XDR platform automates prevention, detection and response to advanced threats by eliminating silos or blind spots within an environment. It does this by taking sources from the endpoint, network and cloud to accurately detect threats and simplify investigations. This is also very effective if you’ve had a breach and need a detailed investigation.
  • WildFire® – Malware prevention service automatically detects and prevents unknown attacks – with a unique, multi-technique detection approach against highly evasive zero-day exploits and malware.
  • XSOAR – For automated, rapid investigation and remediation of all reported cyber attacks to reduce the time and resources required for an analyst to manually carry out time-consuming manual investigations.

Whether its a technology for cyber security automation and/or our flexible managed service offerrings, these can help institutions deal with the challenges associated with cyber threat prevention and protection, whilst easing the pressure on already stretched IT teams. With many customer references using these services, we have helped them:

  • Improve their IT security posture including moves to the cloud.
  • Build and implement a short and long term cyber security strategy.
  • Provide faster responses to departments who request regular firewall changes.
  • Reduce the reliance on dedicated / highly skilled IT staff; re-assigning them to focus on strategic projects, development and improvements.
  • Meet project deadlines so that the institutions can achieve its short and long term strategies.

Our approach is designed to remove the traditional multi-product silo approach, making solutions and services work together for simplified management, cost effectiveness and improved cyber protection. Read more on our managed firewall service in partnership with Jisc.

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