Securing Public & Private Clouds

Enterprises are rapidly adopting all types of cloud computing, and so are many Schools, Colleges and Universities. There is no longer a network perimeter for your users, apps and data to sit behind. Your students and staff share sensitive data without oversight, and do it from a number of personal devices. Security is incredibly challenging and cyber attacks continue to evolve to compromise cloud accounts and steal funds and data.

Unfortunately, the advantages of cloud come with two fundamental challenges; visibility & control.

The Palo Alto Networks® Security Operating Platform provides security tailored to your cloud environments.

  • Virtual Next-Gen Firewalls – Manage network security for apps hosted on-premise, in private or public cloud, and integrate network security provisioning directly into the application development lifecycle ensuring safe on-demand scalability.
  • Prisma Cloud – Security and compliance coverage across multi-cloud environments, protecting hosts, containers and serverless workloads and delivering visibility of cloud activities
  • Prisma SaaS – Data protection and consistency across SaaS apps, providing advanced capabilities in risk discovery, data loss prevention, compliance assurance, data governance, user behaviour monitoring and threat prevention.
  • Cloud Risk Assessments – Validate if your internet facing services are vulnerable, provide in-depth knowledge of your SaaS usage and determine if your cloud environment is secure and compliant.

A single consistent solution that delivers automated protection across public clouds, SaaS applications and private clouds enabling you to rapidly adopt cloud-delivered services without compromising security or avoiding business disruption.

Security is a key part of your cloud-first business transformation. To fully defend your organisation in the cloud, you need to address threat protection, data security and app governance. A people-centric CASB solution accounts for who is most attacked, who is vulnerable to attacks and who has privileged access to sensitive corporate data.

This level of visibility and control enables you to keep threats at bay, protect your information assets and stay compliant. Proofpoint provides the only CASB to meet the needs of security people serious about cloud threats, data loss and time-to-value. Proofpoint CASB is built on an agentless cloud security architecture. It protects your most valuable cloud assets and accelerates your migration to the cloud.

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