Secure the Campus, the Cloud and the Future

College and universities serve many critical functions including an ISP for students, a corporate network for staff, and a research network for faculty needs. The complexity of modern technologies and the way we now work, coupled with the need to embrace BYOx, research, IoT, cloud has caused shift in the way IT teams have to support users whilst protecting the institution.

Previously, there were fewer systems to protect and being on-premise, easier methods to control access. However, with the continual rise of mobile working, the move to the cloud and other technologies, the traditional perimeter doesn’t exist anymore. Add the complexity of increasing compliance demands such as GDPR, PCI and others, leaves many institutions overwhelmed with what to do when it comes to continually protecting against and preventing cyber attacks.

Learn more about how the education sector is dealing with cyber security and addressing the top cyber threat concerns utilising the Jisc procurement frameworks.

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