The Secure The Data Centre Initiative

Gain an affordable SOC service for ‘around the clock’ Cyber Threat Protection and Prevention

Protect What’s Important To You

Working in partnership with our strategic customers, understanding their challenges and requirements for 24x7x365 cyber threat monitoring, response and protection, we have launched our “Secure The Data” initiative designed for organisations regardless of size.

It helps customers implement a quick and affordable SOC service (starting at €28,000 per year) that secures their data centre mission critical systems that can then be expanded based upon their requirements and priorities.


Secure The Data Centre Initiative – What does it include?

A 24x7x365 Fully Staffed Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Continual monitoring, alerting, response and investigation of activity and attacks.

Immediate identification, blocking and prevention of attacks across all endpoints including unpatched legacy Operating Systems

Extensive range of automated and SOC team mitigation / remedial actions on security incidences.

Ransomware incident response (pre-built playbooks)

Guaranteed access to a team of SOC experts throughout the contract – as an extension of the your team – available 24x7x365.

Monthly reviews and reports for all relevant observations, deeper and statistical analysis.

And more…..

24x7x365 Cyber Threat Monitoring, Response and Protection – A Necessity 

Around the clock cyber threat monitoring, alerting, response and protection is now a necessity. Cyber attacks have severely impacted many organisations. Without a sufficient SOC service, it is almost impossible to protect against the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

Starting at €28,000 per year, the initiative is ideal for any organisation who are either about to start their 24x7x365 SOC journey or expand their cyber security operations and capabilities.

Real-Life Customer Challenges

Insufficient budget, limited resources and lack of time to build their own SOC.

Challenges in recruiting and keeping cyber security expertise.

Limited or no trained/certified cyber security experts on call and ready to respond to a cyber-incident 24x7x365.

No real picture of cyber threats, whether endpoint, network and/or cloud related.

How to effectively respond to a cyber-security incident, who to call if a breach occurs.

Understanding what could a ‘worst case’ cyber security incident look like for them.

Inability to contain and limit the impact of a breach

Selecting the right cyber security partner who can address their needs whose services are affordable and value for money.

Sound Familiar? Contact KHIPU!

  • Robert Morton, TEC Partnership

    “After a rigorous review of a number of technologies and pilots, we chose KHIPU due to their experience and capabilities to be able to monitor, detect and respond to threats across our entire multi-site estate, not just at the endpoint. Their service also includes 24x7x365 incident response, a mandatory requirement from us to ensure our environment has complete coverage throughout the day and night. We look forward to a successful partnership with KHIPU, sharing our experiences with similar institutions across the sector”.

  • Martin Venter, Systems Manager, NWU

    As part of our strategy, we have partnered with KHIPU Networks to deploy and manage Palo Alto Networks XDR solution that provides us with visibility, rapid protection and prevention against to cyber breaches. XDR, with the integration of our Next Generation Firewall environment, means that we have protection across our large campus network, cloud and endpoint environment”.

  • James Eaglesfield, Head of IT Governance and Portfolio, University of Derby

    KHIPU's SOC service gives us the granular visibility we’ve never had before. We can’t be certain what comes in through an endpoint. Cortex XDR, as part of the KHIPU SOC Service, ensures the university has a trusted endpoint and network protection strategy proven to identify, stop, and prevent attacks.

Outcomes and Benefits

  • Gaining a 24x7x365 “ready to go” SOC service with dedicated SLAs that reduce your risk of being breached.
  • Gaining a team of dedicated cyber security experts available 24x7x365.
  • Moving from a reactive approach to incident response to a proactive one
  • Freeing up your teams so they can refocus on business needs.
  • Reducing the cost, time and resources to build your own SOC that also requires continual investment, training and improvement.
  • Eliminate the alert volume associated with traditional security systems – only be alerted when it’s necessary.
  • Utilise your existing investments, not just Palo Alto Networks.
  • Reducing the mean time to detect and respond (MTTD / MTTR) to attacks to a guaranteed 60 minutes or less.
  • Getting dedicated threat hunters searching for advanced threats within your unique environment and leveraging global intelligence.
  • Augmenting traditional MSSP services or the current SOC to unburden the security team of incident investigation, response and hunting.


  • Over 19 years’ experience with cyber security, as well as networking and Wi-Fi infrastructures – a complete service that’s not siloed to specific areas.
  • Our SOC MDR service has taken over 24 months to refine to ensure it can meet requirements from all different types of industries, regardless of size and location.
  • The SOC team is made of only experience and certified cyber security experts who are available 24x7x365. Not 9-5 with a reduced shift for out of hours’ coverage.
  • Our SOC service, processes and personnel are certified by Gartner leading manufacturers – we’re certified to provide MDR services.
  • Our SOC service is built upon Palo Alto Networks Cortex platform – ratification that the service available is market leading.
  • Over 10 years’ experience with Palo Alto Networks, we are one of the most experienced partners in the world.
  • Our service provides a complete solution for MDR, managed firewalls and vulnerability assessments – key areas for on-going cyber threat protection and prevention.
  • Exceptional customer references to prove that we can execute and deliver cyber security services.

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