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Your Users Are Your First and

Last Layer of Cyber Defence

Understand Your Risk To Phishing Attacks

Raise Awareness Of The Importance Cyber Security

PROMOTION – Free Phishing Simulations, User Awareness and Classroom led Training

Valid until 29th April 2022

Identify, Action, Train and Continually Reduce Your Exposure

Enabling you to identify risks posed by your vulnerable systems as well as the ever growing battle against phishing attacks – whilst providing continual awareness and threat prevention.

New low-cost cyber security packages now available to address your risks.

Threats On The Continual Rise

Due to the current climate as well as the hybrid workplace, there is a huge rise in cyber criminals seeking weaknesses across all organisations. The most common cyber threats that our customers are experiencing are those related to:

  • Huge rise in sophisticated phishing attacks compromising users and devices.
  • Vulnerable ‘unpatched’ systems still constantly being exploited.
  • Cyber security postures being neglected due to other priorities and hybrid working.
  • Home working still creating a relaxed view and appreciation for cyber security especially phishing emails.

To help address the above, we have launched a number of new packages with cost-effective incentives as part of our Cyber Security initiatives to protect our customers.

Simple Steps To Protect

The packages, designed for organisations of any size, address these key cyber security concerns by identifying:

  • The organisations overall risk to phishing attacks due to lack of user awareness: Opens, clicks and compromises.
  • Poorly or misconfigured infrastructures: User devices, email, infrastructure and perimeter security.
  • Vulnerabilities across internal / internet facing systems, and how to fix them.
  • Cyber security training needs – both short and long term- to help raise the awareness and importance of spotting phishing email scams and cyber security as a whole.

We provide a consultative approach with detailed prevention reports that help your organisation understand what the risks mean, their impact and how they can be minimise exposure to further cyber attacks.

PROMO 1: Identify & Reduce Risk 

Assess Organisations Overall Risk and Raise Awareness

  • 1 * Phishing Simulation with Findings and Risk Prevention Report.
  • 1 * Awareness Training Package (portal, learning materials: videos, quizzes).
  • 1 * External Vulnerability Assessment Scan.
  • 1 * FREE Post Simulation Review: Findings and Recommendations with our team.
  • 1 * FREE vulnerability scan

Reassess Risk, Identify Improvements and Classroom Training

  • 1 * Phishing Simulation with Findings and Risk Prevention Report plus comparisons.
  • 1 * Awareness Training Package (portal, learning materials: videos, quizzes).
  • 1 * External Vulnerability Assessment Scan to check fixes have been made
  • 1 * FREE Post Simulation Review: Findings and Recommendations with our team.
  • 1 * FREE Cyber Security 101 Classroom Instructor-led Training (virtual or onsite).
  • 1 * FREE vulnerability scan

PROMO 2: Continually Assess & Train

Same as PROMO 1 services plus:

Continual Phishing Attack Protection: Risk Assessments, Awareness and Training

  • 2 * Simulated Phishing Campaign “Targeted”.
  • 2 * Findings and Risk Prevention Report including comparisons.
  • 2 * Awareness Training Package (portal, learning materials: videos, quizzes).
  • 2 * External Vulnerability Assessment Scan
  • 2 * FREE Post Simulation Reviews: Findings and Recommendations with our Team.
  • 1 * FREE Cyber Security 101 Classroom Instructor-led Training (virtual or onsite).
  • 2 * FREE vulnerability scans.

ADD-ON Cyber Security Assessments

Security Control Validation – Test the effectiveness of your security tools

Network / Cloud Visibility: Apps in use, are they a threat, have you been compromised.

Cloud Audit: Analyse your public cloud infrastructure, looking at posture and workloads.

SaaS Audit: Classify data, sharing/permission visibility, threat detection within the apps.

  • Mervyn Christoffels, Executive Director ICT

    "We decided to change our approach in terms of how we got the message to our users and we needed a team of experts to help develop, deliver and report on how vulnerable we are to phishing emails. Beyond this, we needed to implement a long term plan to fight back against cyber-crime, one that the entire institution could buy into, the KHIPU team were able to deliver exactly this. Their team of experts assisted in the customised simulated phishing campaigns, the delivery of the simulated phishing emails to various departments within the university as well as training our ‘at risk’ users in an effective, non-intrusive fashion and we are already reaping the benefits"

  • Ricky Stone, Director
    Boqwana Burns

    “KHIPU are a very professional organisation to work with, they focus on not only implementing their solutions, but providing exceptional on-going customer support and service. We strongly recommend them to help businesses with their networking and cyber security needs”.

  • Boeta Pretorius, Chief Director of IT
    North-West University

    “Our organisation like many others, is constantly dealing with cyber threats and attacks. When you have such a large number and diverse range of users, it's likely that an attack such as phishing will be successful, causing major problems such as crippled networks, confidential data leakage and damage to reputation. Whilst you have to invest into the right technologies and solutions to protect against these attacks, it's not always possible due to budget constraints. Even with heavy solution investments, its still the users who are the last point of defence against any attack.”

  • Mark Tysom, Cyber Security Product Manager

    “We work hard to ensure that our members have access to high quality, cost-effective solution providers. We have worked with KHIPU for some years and this is the second time it has earned our ‘top-ranked supplier’ accolade.”

  • Steve Kennett, Director of Security

    “New security vulnerabilities are being discovered and exploited by cybercriminals daily. For education organisations with large and diverse IT networks, it can be hard enough to simply understand their exposure to known vulnerabilities, let alone try to coordinate patching and testing against them. The Vulnerability Assessment Service is designed to relive this pressure, and prevent outbreaks like WannaCry before they happen.”

  • Mark McKay, Head of ICT
    Activate Learning

    “Using the simulated phishing services, provided by KHIPU Networks, gave us the ability to be one step ahead of attacks and offer an education on good practices to our users which they can use anywhere in life”

  • Rob Spalding, Head of Infrastructure

    “Using Jisc’s vulnerability assessment service enables the University to have a pro-active approach to cyber security. By having an automated solution that not only identifies vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, it reports on which systems will be affected and what actions need to be undertaken to protect them. This automated approach is vital in the defense against cyber-attacks including the recent ransomware which made headline news. The service, provided by KHIPU Networks via the Jisc VAS framework, has been an immediate success for the University, with a quick return on investment.”

  • Chris Adcock, Chief Finance Officer
    Duchy of Lancaster

    “KHIPU are competent cyber security trainers, who kept the audience attentive and interested. The content was pitched at a relevant level and had more than enough ‘food for thought’. The feedback that I had from the attendees was very positive and all felt the course worthwhile. As an employer, I also feel that this education will really help reduce the risk of an employee inadvertently compromising our network and they can no longer say that no-one told us. Very highly recommended.”

  • Lisa Quinn, Training & User Comms Manager

    Trinity College Dublin, like most institutions, regularly experience phishing attacks via email therefore we have to find ways to protect our users and the University from being compromised. KHIPU, as an already trusted supplier, was selected to provide us with phishing awareness campaigns that included simulated phishing and follow up online education for our staff community. So far, we have found this approach has helped us highlight the dangers of Phishing which, in turn, enables us to educate our users and help protect against phishing attacks.”

Proven and Simple to Procure

With over 300+ successfully completed projects across the UK and South Africa plus endorsements and references from our customers, confirms that our cyber security services are proven across all market sectors.

If you are a public sector organisation – these can be purchased via a number of direct-award frameworks without a procurement exercise:

  • UK: Jisc, NHS Shared Business Services IT Link 2 and G-Cloud 12
  • South Africa: HEITSA cyber security framework

For all other sectors due to the costs of these packages being very cost-effective, all of our customers have been able to purchase direct without a tender or competitive review.

Join Our 20-min Webinars – All attendees get a FREE vulnerability scan

Please join our 20-minute webinars where we’ll present our cyber security services, promotions and customer success stories. These are hosted every Tuesday at 11:30 and Thursday at 14:30 GMT.

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A Network with Zero Vulnerabilities?

The enhanced packages are based upon our zero vulnerability infrastructure offering that help organisations identify their main risks and vulnerabilities to cyber attacks, so that recommendations can be made and implemented. The packages are built upon our very successful cyber security risk assessment services:

USERS Simulated Phishing Campaigns and User Training services

INFRASTRUCTURE Vulnerability Assessments: Internal and External scans

NETWORK TRAFFIC Cloud, Network, User and Application/Threat Visibility Assessments

All findings with best practise recommendations will be presented and discussed in detail with our cyber security experts and you, as part of a strategic alignment with your organisation.

Address The Sectors Top Cyber Threats

Analysing the results from recent customer surveys to understand what the top cyber threats are, the following came out as the top six concerns:

  • Phishing, Ransomware – Malware
  • Shortage of Staff
  • Securing Public & Private Clouds
  • Government Guideline Compliance
  • Remote Working
  • Managing Cyber Security including Firewalls and SOC’s

Our assessments not only review your organisations cyber security posture, we also factor in the above to ensure that you are aware of all of the risks associated with the top threat concerns.


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