As part of KHIPU’s next-generation WiFi solutions, complementing our HPE Aruba product portfolio, we can open up a whole new world of data capture, analysis and more informed decision making. Our partnership with Skyfii enables organisations to better understand and manage their physical locations. The solution is ideal for shopping centres, retail stores, hotels, event spaces, stadiums, councils, universities, hospitals and airports. It works by collecting data on how your visitors behave on-site and online, then turning that into valuable insights, helping you better connect with your visitors, improve your spaces and drive performance.

Understanding Human Behaviour, improvement experiences

Skyfii is a technology company that can transform the way your organisation collects, analyses and uses data. By harnessing the power of guest Wi-Fi and smartphones, Skyfii helps organisations make better decisions about the design, development and performance of physical spaces. Skyfii is all about giving you the tools and information needed to make places easier to use, more efficient, more profitable and more fun.

What you can do with KHIPU & Skyfii

Using guest Wi-Fi and integrating with HPE Aruba’s ALE (Aruba Location Engine), our solution provides a number of key benefits all around data capture and analytics.

  • Deliver guests a better Wi-Fi experience with a one-time registration process or social media signon, customisable welcome emails and splash pages
  • Collect comprehensive data of end users’ behaviour in social media, online browsing and in physical locations
  • Vastly improve engagement through highly targeted direct marketing through multiple channels including Wi-Fi, SMS and email
  • Accurately match sales and conversion rates to events, campaigns and advertising placements to boost returns through better targeting
  • Drive operational efficiencies through a better understanding of consumer movement patterns and behaviour
  • Create detailed analytics reports and heat maps
  • Measure and benchmark the performance of stores, assets and spaces.

Provide a suite of reports that cover a comprehensive range of key metrics to help organisations measure the performance of their sites individually and as a group.

The marketing and content delivery component of the solution gives you the ability to send targeted communications across multiple channels including SMS, email, push notifications and mobile video.

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