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KHIPU were responsible for introducing the Bradford Networks technology into Europe in 2005. Since then, we have deployed the solution globally including the UK, India, Iceland, Norway and Fiji, across a wide range of market sectors such as Education, Government, Health, Transportation and Finance.

Fortinet acquired Bradford Networks in 2018 and have rebranded the product FortiNAC.

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Fortinet FortiNAC

FortiNAC Overview

The proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, has made it necessary for organizations to improve their visibility into what is attached to their networks. They need to know every device and every user accessing their networks. IoT devices enable digital transformation initiatives and improve efficiency, flexibility, and optimization. However, they are inherently untrustworthy, with designs that prioritize low-cost over security. FortiNAC provides the network visibility to see everything connected to the network, as well as the ability to control those devices and users, including dynamic, automated responses.

FortiNAC Product Details:

The IoT revolution has raised a new challenge for network owners. How can you see and protect against a myriad of devices showing up on the network? Network Access Control has come back to the forefront of security solutions to address that challenge. This technology was deployed to assist with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and is now getting renewed focus as a means to safely accommodate headless IoT devices in the network. FortiNAC enables three key capabilities to secure IoT devices:

  • Network visibility to see every device and user as they join the network
  • Network control to limit where devices can go on the network
  • Automated response to speed the reaction time to events from days to seconds

Collectively, these three capabilities provide the tools that network owners need to secure a world that is embracing IoT. The FortNAC solution protects both wireless and wired networks with a centralized architecture that enables distributed deployments with automated responsiveness.


Network Access Control Centre of Excellence

With our extensive investments in training, support / managed services and equipment (test, demonstration and spare holdings), this demonstrates our capabilities and commitment to being the best company to partner with for Network Access Control cyber security.

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“We expect to see continued growth in network attached devices in the coming years due to continued growth in BYOD, multiple devices per user and further extension of the Internet of Things (IoT) – ensuring the protection of both end-user devices and the data network is essential to maintaining a secure environment for the University.”


Andrew Crowe, senior IT consultant at Durham University

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